Rebeltec Gaming optical mouse USB Falcon

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Rebeltec Gaming optical mouse USB Falcon

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Rebeltec FALCON AVAGO 5050 manufacturing gamer mouse with 6 buttons weighs 173g Rebeltec FALCON PC mouse with AVAGO 5050 sensor. It can change the resolution and highlight color in the DPI range of 1000 LED OFF/1200 red/2000 green/2500 blue, and the resolution changes with the DPI button. The software can configure any color highlighting function, report rate, macra, etc. It has 6 buttons, the upper surface of the mouse is rubberized to better touch the palm, the cable has a textile sheath, which is very important for gamers, so the mouse sliders are Teflon to the mouse would slide more easily over a washer or table surface, and the mouse body is metal - very heavy at 173g. 3000 cages/s (173 g) Kabel game (textile optic) 1.8 m Speed 4500 fps

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