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Siemens HB675GIW1S iQ700 freestanding oven, white

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Оплати 3x386.33€
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Следующий платёж: 06-03-2023
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Siemens' stylish freestanding oven where you can find many different oven programs and pyrolysis cleaning. With the easy-to-use TFT screen and dials, choosing the right program and temperature is easy and clear. If you need to prepare several trays, for example pastries, you can use the 4D convection function to help you. It allows you to cook at the same time on up to four levels for excellent results. The oven also comes with two telescopic brackets. If you wish, there are also 10 automatic programs that guarantee perfect results every time. In addition, pyrolysis cleaning makes cleaning the oven effortless.

fastPreheat and coolStart - Cooking goes faster.
The Siemens Rapid heating function heats up the oven quickly and the coolStart function speeds up the cooking of frozen foods, because preheating the oven is no longer necessary. Your food will be ready exactly in the time indicated on the product packaging. Both smart functions save time when you need quick results.

activeClean® - Oven cleaning is effortless.
Oven cleaning supplies can now be recycled. Siemens' activeClean® pyrolysis function takes care of cleaning the oven by itself. Just remove the loose food residue and the oven will do the rest. At the push of a button, the oven turns all the remains of baking, cooking and grilling into ash at a high temperature. After that, use a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces clean, that's all.

cookControl10 - Automatic programs guarantee a top result
To guarantee the best result, the cookControl10 automatic programs help you achieve the perfect result. You only need to select the desired program and set the weight of the food - everything else is done automatically.

roastingSensor Plus - Excellent roasting results are now produced effortlessly.
Are you on your way to the oven again to check the temperature of the roast? The Siemens roastingSensor roasting thermometer makes these trips unnecessary. Its advanced sensor monitors the internal temperature of the food being fried accurately and reliably. You will receive a notification when the correct internal temperature of the food has been reached.

TFT display - User-friendliness.
The TFT display is clear and easy to read from all directions.

4D circulation air - Even results on up to four oven levels at the same time.
It used to be difficult to get consistent results on different levels of the oven. Fortunately, Siemens' 4D recirculation function changes everything. Its innovative fan circulates warm air quickly and efficiently inside the oven. So you can put 1-4 baking trays on any level of the oven, and the cooking will always be perfectly evenly cooked and browned. You can even bake pastries on four levels at the same time with excellent results.

Telescopic carriers on two levels - Easier and safer.
Fully extendable telescopic supports on two levels: handling hot plates and containers is easy and safe. When pulled out, the brackets lock into place, so the dish or sheet stays in place and its handling is easier.

The oven door opens and closes smoothly thanks to intelligent damping: softMove.
Relaxed use of the oven without unnecessary clutter. The intelligent damping mechanism ensures that the door opens and closes smoothly.

Technical information

  • Energy class: A
  • Volume: 71 l
  • 13 oven programs: 4D convection, convection eco, top/bottom heat, top/bottom heat eco, convection grill, large grill, small grill, pizza function, coolStart, separate bottom heat, low heat cooking, preheating, keeping warm Steam functions: convection and steam
  • Temperature control: 30 °C to 300 °C
  • Easy-to-read color TFT display
  • Electronic clock with alarm and timing functions
  • Halogen lighting in the oven (Oven light can be switched off if desired)
  • Cooking thermometer: A cooking thermometer measures the temperature inside the food being prepared. When the set temperature is reached, the oven switches off automatically.
  • cookControl automatic programs make food preparation easier. Pre-installed function settings for 10 different dishes
  • activeClean – automatic pyrolysis cleaning
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Safety functions: child lock for oven functions, residual heat indicator, electronic and mechanical door lock
  • Two telescopic rails in the oven
  • Included in the package: Enameled baking sheet, Combination grid, Pizza pan, Oven pan
  • Input power: 3600 W
  • Required fuse: 16 A
  • Power cord length: 120 cm
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 595 x 594 x 548
  • Depth with the door open 90 degrees: 1040 mm
  • Installation location dimensions (mm): 585-595 x 560-568 x 550
  • Weight: 39.4 kg
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