-30% Rogz Snowskin Bone black jacket 25cm

Оттенок товара может отличаться от изображенного на фотографии. Описание продукта носит общий характер, и оно необязательно содержит все свойства продукта.

-30% Rogz Snowskin Bone black jacket 25cm

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Следующий платёж: 04-01-2024
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Rogz jackets are very good quality. Fits perfectly. They are close-fitting and have beautiful lines, the seams are firmly finished and water-resistant. Thanks to the zipper on the back, you can allow your dog to wear both a collar and a brace. Always reflective. Reflects in all directions: light-reflecting inserts around the neck, back and sides of the body allow the dog to be seen from any angle in low light. Safe in the dark and in the rain!

Heat insulating. Water resistant - water or snow? No problem! Rainproof clasp. Breathable - to keep your dog's skin from overheating.
the braces fit through the zipper: The zipper on the back has a double clasp so it can be adjusted to the straps and leash.
Durable - made to last a long time. Hand washable. Windproof - protects from drafts and cold. The chest and abdomen are well protected from the cold and rain. The two rear legs will stretch so that the jacket fits better. Lining - Easy to clean, hair is easy to clean. Ideal for males, as there is an excision in the lower abdomen to prevent the stump from getting wet during urination.