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Busch + Muller USB-Werk charger for hub dynamos

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Оплати 3x33.00€
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Следующий платёж: 24-04-2023
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The USB-Werk is a device that allows you to take power from USB bicycle chargers out of the bicycle hub dynamo. The internal battery ensures even power supply even during short stops. The device comes with a cable for the pole dynamo, SON and Shimano type connectors and a USB connector with a short cable end. The device can be attached with cable ties to the body tube or guide bracket.

If the device is not used for a long time, it is advisable to disconnect it to prevent the battery from discharging. It is a good idea to supply power to the battery every few months to prevent the battery voltage from dropping too low. After prolonged storage, the start of charging may require a longer drive at high speed to charge the battery.

Features :

  • Input AC: 0-70 V AC, 0-10 Hz
  • Output: 5 V 500 mA, max 5 W, continuous 2.5 W
  • Charging starts at about 8 km / h depending on the dynamo model and is most effective at over 15 km / h
  • Internal battery (100 mAh) to balance the charge
  • Size: length approx. 17 cm including fixed wires
  • Made in Germany
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