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Petrol multifunction trimmer - brush cutter FUXTEC FX-MT252ER 5in1

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Оплати 3x123.00€
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Следующий платёж: 29-04-2023
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The 4in1 multi-purpose petrol trimmer is a great helper, whether you’re removing branches, mowing hedges or just using it for landscaping and lawn pruning.

The practical brushcutter is ideal for precisely cutting hard-to-reach areas where mowing is no longer possible or limited. The edges of the grass on the walls, stairs or fences are no longer an obstacle and can be processed without any problems.

A tool that can be combined with a variety of accessories: brushcutter, mower, hedge trimmer, and trimmer. Mobility and reusability are guaranteed with the FX-MT252ER 5in1 from FUXTEC.

Technical characteristics:

Engine power: 2.2 kW, 52cc
Engine type: 2 stroke
Speed: 9000 rpm
Oil tank capacity: 400 ml
Fuel tank capacity: 1200 ml
Fuel: 2-stroke petrol mixture 1:40
Sound level: 113 dB (A)
Total length of the device: 180 cm
Length with pruner: 215 cm
Length with scissors: 230 cm
Pruner length: 30 cm
Shaft diameter: 26 mm
Cutting system: wire / knife
Cutting width: 32 cm
Cutting length: 40 cm
Clean adjustment: automatic
Cutting speed adjustment: yes
Equipment: nozzle mower, nozzle for scissor hedges, nozzle with trimmer head, three-blade grass blade, extension
Easily disassembled, suitable for transportation
Net weight: 7.2 kg
Warranty 2 years

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