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Angle grinder Trotec PAGS 21-115, Name: Grinder Trotec PAGS 21-115, Voltage (V): 20, Cord length (m): 1.5, Weight (kg): 2.55

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Оплати 3x43.00€
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Следующий платёж: 02-03-2023
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Cordless angle grinder Trotec PAGS 21-115 is intended for cutting, grinding, polishing and brushing metal and stone products (without using water) and for cutting tiles and concrete blocks. The on/off motor has an interlock. The nominal speed up to 10000 min-1 can be selected with the adjusting knob (depending on the material to be processed). The cordless angle grinder Trotec PAGS 21-115 is used together with various discs with a diameter of 115 mm. The protective hood can be quickly adjusted without the use of any tools. The additional handle can be installed in 3 different positions, which allows you to work comfortably without feeling vibration. What's more, the battery has its own charge indicator, with which you can determine the charge status without connecting the battery to the device.

Attention: hearing protection is required when using the tool.

Technical specifications:

  • Nominal voltage: 20 V;
  • Nominal speed: 10000 min-1;
  • Cutting disc idle speed: 13300 min-1;
  • Disc speed: 80 m/s;
  • Hole diameter: 22.23 mm;
  • Cutting disc thickness 3 mm;
  • Grinder spindle thread: M14;
  • Max. disc diameter: 115 mm;
  • Weight: 2.55 kg;
  • Battery type: Li-Ion;
  • Battery capacity: 4 Ah;
  • Vibration emission value of the main handle ah: 2.6 m/s2;
  • Additional handle vibration emission value ah: 1.7 m/s2;
  • Uncertainty K: 1.5 m/s2;
  • Sound pressure level: 81 dB(A);
  • Sound power level: 92 dB(A);
  • Uncertainty K: 3 dB.


  • Approved by the highest quality mark TUV;
  • Ideal for cutting, grinding and cleaning metal, as well as cutting tiles and stone products;
  • Flexpower multi-device battery system - can be flexibly combined with other Trotec battery tools;
  • Powerful 20 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and self-discharge;
  • Additional handle, mounted on 3 sides;
  • Fast charging charger;
  • Comfortable work due to low vibration;
  • Protection against unexpected activation in the event of a power failure;
  • Adjustable cutting disc protection, ensuring high work safety.

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