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Cramer 82BP1300 battery blower, backpack blower

359,00 €
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Maksājumi 3x119.67€
Maksājumi 3x119.67€
Nāk. maksājums: 09-03-2023
Nāk. maksājums: 09-03-2023
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Cramer's battery-powered leaf blower 82B1300 is in a class of its own, with amazing power and the most efficient on the market. It is even much more efficient than internal combustion engine driven fans. Extremely high airflow helps you clean large areas such as parking lots and sports fields on a fast schedule.

The backpack fan has a trigger-adjustable blowing power and a constant speed controller that gives the user the freedom not to press the trigger for long-term work. Because the motor and batteries are in the backpack of the user, this device is very easy to use. Sturdy, professional harness guarantees an ergonomic working position. The harness is fully adjustable to the user.

The device itself is light, weighing just over 7 pounds. The position and distance of the handlebar are adjustable. The blowpipe can be adjusted in length to two different positions. The device has two battery slots to extend the working time. The device can also be used with one battery.

  • Carbon brushless motor
  • Air speed (at the end of the pipe) 69 m / s
  • Air flow (at the nozzle) 1,060 m3 / h
  • Air flow (inside the housing) 1,300 m3 / h
  • Blowing force (at the end of the pipe) 24 N
  • Cruise control
  • Boost feature
  • Weight 7.2 kg
  • Vibration <2.5 m / s2
  • Recommended battery 2 x and charger
  • Operating time <50 min
  • Operating time <100 min
  • Batteries and chargers are sold separately
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