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Western Digital Red WD20EFZX 5400 RPM, 2000

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Maksājumi 3x29.67€
Nāk. maksājums: 02-03-2023
Nāk. maksājums: 02-03-2023
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WD Red Plus WD20EFZX - 2 TB 5400 rpm 128 MB 3.5 inch SATA 6 Gbit / s

With WD Red ™ Plus, you can share and back up files in no time at all. CMR technology for RAID-optimized NAS systems with up to 8 drive bays for the demanding workloads in medium and large companies. Perfect for increased workloads, including expanded operating system compatibility and ZFS.

  • Available in capacities from 1-14 TB with support for up to 8 drive bays

  • Supports a workload rate of up to 180 TB / year

  • NASware ™ firmware for compatibility

  • NAS systems of small or medium-sized companies for continuous operation

  • 3 year guarantee

WD Red ™ Plus for demanding workloads

The WD Red ™ Plus offers concentrated performance for the NAS environments of small and medium businesses and increased workloads in the home and small office. It is optimized for archiving, sharing content and building RAID arrays in systems with ZFS and other file systems. The hard drives are designed and tested for NAS systems with up to 8 drive bays and provide the necessary flexibility, versatility and security when storing and sharing your valuable private and business files.

For small and medium-sized businesses

With a NAS and WD Red ™ Plus hard drives, you can stream, secure, organize and easily share your digital content with other devices on the home or company network. NASware ™ 3.0 technology increases the compatibility of your hard drives with other devices. Larger businesses with up to 24 drive bays can count on the outstanding performance of the WD Red ™ Pro hard drives.

Exclusive NASware 3.0

Not every drive is suitable for this. You can use up to 112 TB capacity in a NAS system with 8 drive bays and with the exclusive NASware 3.0 technology from Western Digital you get the possibility to optimize every single hard drive. NASware 3.0 is integrated into every WD Red ™ Plus hard drive and improves the storage performance of your system thanks to the latest technologies and improved compatibility, integration, upgradeability and reliability.

Developed for optimal NAS compatibility

WD Red ™ Plus hard drives with NASware ™ technology make hard drive selection easy. Our unique algorithm is optimized for NAS systems and creates the right balance between performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. In short: WD Red ™ Plus is the hard drive with the highest compatibility for NAS enclosures. This is also proven by numbers. WD Red ™ Plus hard drives are the result of extensive compatibility tests with NAS partners and extensive integration of their technologies.

An environment in continuous operation

Your NAS system runs around the clock. An extremely reliable memory is therefore essential. With an MTBF of more than 1 million hours, the WD Red ™ Plus is designed for continuous operation.

Premium support and 3 year warranty

With a 3-year warranty and first-class support services for every WD Red ™ Plus hard drive, you can upgrade your NAS performance with complete peace of mind.

Desktop hard drives versus WD Red ™ Plus

Choose the right, NAS-optimized hard drive with a variety of features so you can protect your data and keep performance at the highest level. When choosing a hard drive for your NAS system, keep the following in mind:

Compatibility: Unlike desktop drives, these hard drives are tested for compatibility with NAS systems to ensure optimal performance.

Reliability: Continuous operation of a NAS or RAID is extremely demanding. Desktop hard drives are generally not designed and tested for these conditions - unlike the WD Red ™ Plus.

Troubleshooting Logs: WD Red ™ Plus NAS hard drives are specifically designed with RAID troubleshooting logs to help reduce failures in the NAS system.

Noise and Vibration Protection: Desktop drives are designed for stand-alone operation and therefore typically offer little or no protection against the noise and vibration found in systems with multiple drives. WD Red ™ Plus hard drives are optimized for use in NAS environments with multiple drive bays.


3.5 in


2 TB


SATA 6 Gbit / s

Speed (rpm)

5,400 rpm


64 MB

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