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Lean Cars Interactive cat white walks and sings sound

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Piegāde: 5-10

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Interactive white cat walks and sings loudly

If your child has always dreamed of having his own pet - to take care of it and, most importantly, to have fun together, an interactive kitten will be a great idea. The toy will help your child acquire the skills needed to own a pet, teach responsibility and resourcefulness.

The white kitten is made of soft and non-toxic, 100% environmentally friendly material, which is very pleasant to the touch. The animal has big blue eyes and a protruding tail. There is a switch at the bottom of the toy that allows you to turn on the pet toy. When you press the right ear, you will hear a meow and the kitten will start to move forward. If you hold this button on your ear for a longer time, we will also hear music in the background.

Maybe a little kitten will become our child's friend!

Toy dimensions :

14cm x 8cm x 17cm

Package dimensions :

12cm x 14.5cm x 19cm

The toy dog is intended for all children over 3 years old . The dog has a CE certificate, which confirms that it meets the requirements of European Union directives. It is a very safe toy with no sharp elements.

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Lean Cars Interactive cat white walks and sings sound

Lean Cars Interactive cat white walks and sings sound