Natural Trainer Adult IDEAL WEIGHT/LIGHT Medium/Maxi (white meat) 12kg

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Natural Trainer Adult IDEAL WEIGHT/LIGHT Medium/Maxi (white meat) 12kg

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Piegāde: 3-7

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Nāk. maksājums: 02-01-2024
Nāk. maksājums: 02-01-2024
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Complete and balanced feed for adult dogs of medium and large breeds with a tendency to gain weight.
INGREDIENTS : dehydrated chicken and turkey proteins, fresh white meat (chicken and turkey) 15%, maize, rice, maize flour "fioretto", wheat bran 4.5%, hydrolysed animal proteins, dehydrated pork proteins, sugar beet pulp*, flax linseed* 2%, pea fiber* 2%, lignocellulose 1.5%, yeast autolysate, dried chicory root extract (source of inulin)* 0.2%, dehydrated fish proteins, minerals, dry NeOpuntia® Prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) leaf extract* 0.14%, bioactive collagen peptides 0.06%, spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)* 0.02%. *Special ingredients of natural origin.
Additives/kg: Food additives: vitamin A 26000 IU, vitamin D₃ 1350 IU, vitamin E 555 mg, L-carnitine 375 mg, copper (II) sulfate 49.13 mg (copper 12.5 mg), iron (II) carbonate 310.5 mg (iron 150 mg ), coated granular anhydrous calcium iodate 3.85mg (iodine 2.5mg), sodium selenite 0.44mg (selenium 0.2mg), zinc oxide 193.4mg (zinc 156mg), manganese (II) oxide 45.1mg (manganese 35mg ). Technological additives: clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin 4000mg. Metabolizable energy: 3425kcal/kg.
Analytical components: crude protein 28%, crude fat 9.5%, crude fiber 5%, crude ash 6.5%, magnesium 0.1%, Omega-0.8%.
Feeding instructions
: At first, give dry food gradually. The food amounts indicated are only indicative and should be calculated based on physical condition, activity level and weather conditions. In order for the dog to maintain good physical condition, it should be active every day. Depending on the set daily ration (ration), you can combine dry food with corresponding wet food. Always add fresh, clean water to the bowl next to the food. Store in a cool, dry place. Always close the package.