Mixer Franke Atlas Neo Sensor 115.0625.525

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Mixer Franke Atlas Neo Sensor 115.0625.525

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Nāk. maksājums: 02-11-2023
Nāk. maksājums: 02-11-2023
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Hybrid function

Use with the standard side lever without touching or manually.

5-10 cm motion detection range from infrared sensor

The Start / Stop motion sensor instantly responds to your hand movement over a detection range of 5 to 10 cm.

30 sec. Automatic suspension

You can start and stop the water flow as you wish, or let it stop automatically after 30 seconds.

High spout height with extraction function

Designed to maximize sink space when cooking with larger pots and pans.

Aerator with laminar flow

Enjoy crystal clear, splash-free and quiet whispering flowing water that leaves you dry around your sink.

Easy to use and keep clean.

The non-contact faucet remains flawless: less fingerprints, stains and stains are cleaned.

3-part system: tap, control box and battery compartment

Quick and easy to install system even in an existing sink!

Technical data:

  • Version Mixer with fixed spout
  • Mixer type High pressure
  • Control type Side control
  • Handle position Side Lever
  • Diameter (Faucets inside the sink) Ø 35 mm
  • Total height 297.00 mm
  • Angle of rotation 180 °
  • Composition of stainless steel

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About the manufacturer:

Founded in 1911, Franke's values are precise technology and traditional production methods. 100 years later, this foundation is still unshakable. However, while some things don’t change, the company is always striving to adapt to changing customer needs and lifestyles. The highest quality materials and exclusive production technologies guarantee that the quality of Franke products meets the expectations of each customer.