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Munec Arias Arias baby in a carrier, girl, 33 cm

39,00 €

1087644 | Jauns


Piegāde: 2-5


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A doll is a doll like a real child. While playing with this doll, children will not only have fun, but will also learn responsibility and care.

  • Height of the doll: 33 cm;
  • With signs of sex - a girl;
  • The eyes are extremely expressive, creating the impression of a realistic look;
  • The doll is dressed in light clothing and laid on a stretcher;
  • The doll’s clothes are handmade, thought out to the smallest detail and made with the utmost care;
  • The doll's legs and arms are flexible, it can be planted, built, change postures, comfortably dressed;
  • The doll is made of polyvinyl - a soft, soft material;
  • The doll can be bathed and placed in any doll stroller;
  • Packaging: plastic bag with ribbon;
  • Recommended for children from 2 years;
  • The doll is CE marked and is completely safe;
  • Country of origin of the dolls and their clothes: Spain.


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