DEVIA Angel Tears luxury back cover case for Apple iPhone XS Max Purple with diamonds

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Producer: DEVIA

Product code: DEV-AN-XSM-PU

Compatibility: Apple iPhone XS Max

Brand ConceptDEVIA is a leading brand for 3C digital accessories under S&T Group. It has been devoted to colorful, innovative, practical, and changeable design style since it was established in 2008.

DEVIA covers all accessories related with 3C digital gadgets, like mobile phone case, tempered glass screen protector, data cable, power bank, wireless charger, headset, and various car accessories. All products come from a team of well-known Korean designers, masters of combining the vividness of Oriental color and thickness of Western ink. Like the rainbow over the sky, DEVIA makes your life colorful.

Brand Story:Make Your Colorful Life!

Like a rainbow in your hand, Devia presents you the latest trend in the industry of digital accessories.

A master piece of a top Korean designer, Devia combines the best qualities of the Oriental and Occidental cultures to define a new concept of colors. With the rich colors of Devia, you will get refreshed every single day.

Product Concept:DEVIA adheres to the use of environmentally friendly materials, passes positive energy to the society, respects individual values, pays attention to self-realization, advocates a truly valuable fashion life, and realizes the harmonious development of individuals and society. We apply the latest technology combining environmentally friendly materials with stylish elements to present users with quality and aesthetic products.


Packed in original DEVIA Blister!

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