Telone Ultra Slim 0.3mm Back Case LG D120 Optimus L30 Black

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Manufacturer: Telone (Design Made in Офзфт faьous designer Studio)

Inovation - Thinest Mobile Phone Back case in the world - Only 0,3mm thin!

High quality super thin mobile phone back case

Made from speciall Nano Silicone matherial with anti slipp features! Thanks to these features are less likely that your mobile phone can slipp off your hands!

Compatible with: LG D120 Optimus L30

Colour: Black

Shape and size of this mobile phone case in Photo is just for information as example. real shame and cut outs perfectly fit to mobile phone model witch is listed in this description.

Hold phone into super slim (0,3mm) plastic protection back case and keeps phone's original size (just 0,3mm thin) Protects phone from fall, duct and scratches. Better to use with LCD screen protector, to protect phone completely.

Made in: Japan

Packed in "Mobile-Store" Poly Bag blister

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