Blun Extreeme Shock Screen Protector 0.33mm / 2.5D Glass Meizu M3 Note (EU Blister)

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Manufacturer: Blun

Compatibility: Meizu M3 Note

Thickness of Glass: 0,3mm (2.5D)

High quality Nano 4 layer screen protector, which provides 96,9% light transmission ensuring perfect picture quality comparing with standard screen protectors.

Blun Tempered Glass is much more easy ti stick on, and their protection is 4 times better and deeper than any standard screen protector.

Protector type: Glanced Shock Absorption 0,33mm  (2.5D) thin 4 layer Screen Protector -Tempered Glass. Even if Tempered Glass Screen protector has 4 patented layers, it still provides HD image quality and allows to save image quality as original Tempered Glass protects against small scratches, deep scratches, drops, hits and sun UV exposure

Tempered Glass - provides extreme deep screen protection because has 4 patented protection layers

1 layer- First protection layer against small scratches

2 layer- protection layer against drops

3 layer- additional protection layer against deep scratches

4 layer- Special silicone bubble against bubbles

+ Glass has Round shape edges  - Made with Laser technology  - "Laser Cut Edges" 

Product picture is just for information reasons. Tempered glass shape and cut outs fits to phone model what is meant in this description

Contains 2 cloths: 1 dry, and 1 wet for perfect apply

Made from high quality glass which is used in medicine

Materials made using patent technologies in Japan

Packed in Original Manufacturers - Cardboard Blister Package

Manufacturers factory: China