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Savotta Gig 80L, black Vaata suuremat
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Savotta Gig 80L, black




The largest model in our gig bag family, volume 80 liters. Versatile, the bag can be adapted to the user's needs, both for demanding professional use and for leisure trips and hobbies.

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Eeldatav tarne: 26.02.21

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The largest model in our gig bag family, volume 80 liters. The versatile bag is suitable for demanding professional use as well as for leisure trips and hobbies. The full range of carrying methods covers handcuffs, lifting handles, shoulder strap and attachment points for separate backpack-shaped shoulder files. Compatibility with Velcro accessories offers versatile possibilities for interior organization.

Made with the same professionalism and the same materials as military carrying equipment, this bag is made to withstand anything you can expect to experience at your disposal.


  • Capacity 80 l
  • The carrying handles rotate under the base
  • Lifting handles at both ends
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Attachment points for separate backpack files
  • Main compartment with large zipper door
  • Two G-hook compression / securing straps
  • Two net compartments inside
  • Zippered outer pocket with versatile organizational possibilities
  • Four velcro closure flat side pockets
  • Velcro on the inside of the main compartment door and the outer pocket flap
  • Velcro for identification marks on the end and side
  • Removable closed cell plastic padding inside the base and zipper door
  • 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Technical information

  • Weight: 1.88 kg
  • Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 80 cm (W x H x D)
  • Main material: 1000D Cordura (100% polyamide)
  • Ribbons: 100% polyester
  • Buckles: steel
  • Padding: closed cell plastic


The main compartment measures 35 x 30 x 75 cm and closes with a large zipper door. Two G-hook compression straps ensure the closure of the main compartment, the straps can be hidden in the side pockets of the bag when not in use. The inside of the zipper door has a velcro strap for quick attachment of various accessories and pockets. The main compartment is one large space, the open mesh compartments at the ends act as holders for smaller items.

The outer pocket is suitable for important small items and A4-sized stationery, dimensions 35 x 23 x 5 cm. The back wall has two flat mesh pockets, a D-ring and two straps for attaching small items. External wall inner side of the Velcro straps allow for quick attachment of a variety of materials.

A total of four flat side pockets with stickers, two 24 x 20 cm and two 20 x 20 cm, are suitable for A5 papers and other small items.

The many different carrying methods of the bag allow the bag to be handled properly in different situations. The length of the hand carrying handles holds the bag firmly at a suitable carrying height, giving the carrier a firm control. The lifting handles at the ends of the bag make it easier to handle a fully packed bag during transport. Six steel D-rings act as attachment points for the shoulder strap, as well as for backpack files sold separately.

The two 10 x 15 cm velcro slots on the side and end are large enough for a wide variety of name tags and other identification marks. The bag's D-rings are also a great place to attach a name tag cutter.

Modular and customizable

Velcro straps inside the zipper door of the main compartment and the flap of the outer pocket allow a quick attachment and detachment of a wide range of velcro pockets and organizing supplies. As a user, you can adapt your bag as a tool to suit your specific needs for exactly the task for which you need it.

The closed-cell plastic padding between the zipper hatch and the Cordura layers of the base is easily removable, replaceable and reinforced. Thus, the bag can be easily adapted to transport more sensitive material, for example with stiffeners or additional padding.

It is possible to quickly attach separate backpack files to the steel D-rings found at the ends of the bag. The closed cell plastic of the zipper door protects the wearer's back from the potentially inergic contents of the bag when carried as a backpack. While no gig bag carried as a backpack will match the carrying comfort of a real backpack, it should still be as uncomfortable an experience as possible, so we designed each carrying feature properly: the hand carrying handles are the right length for the intended use and do not try to drive the shoulder strap or backpack files. With the same idea, we made decent backpack files as a separate accessory so that those in need would not suffer unnecessary compromises.

Materials and structure of military quality

Our gig bags are designed to withstand long periods of use. The handcuffs are made of one long piece of 50 mm wide tape that wraps around the bottom of the bag between two layers of 1000D Cordura. The stress points are reinforced with back and forth stitching and trench coats, the seams are finished with a strong edge band to prevent the fabric from slipping. All weight bearing buckles are made of steel.

In most of our products, we generally use the same materials from which we also manufacture equipment for the Finnish Defense Forces and other official customers. The most common devices, with the support fabric is extremely durable 1000D Cordura, the interior of the waterproof polyuretaanisivelyllä. In addition to the fabrics, the straps, zippers and buckles we use are also quality goods that meet the tough requirements of the Finnish Defense Forces.

By default, our green and M05 terrain-patterned materials also meet the Defense Forces' very precise NIR requirements, which means that the fading properties are also good when looking at light amplifier equipment. Quite normally, once the materials are the same as in military equipment.

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Savotta Gig 80L, black

Savotta Gig 80L, black

The largest model in our gig bag family, volume 80 liters. Versatile, the bag can be adapted to the user's needs, both for demanding professional use and for leisure trips and hobbies.

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