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Maksa 3x29.67€
Järgmine makse: 09-03-2023
Järgmine makse: 09-03-2023
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SOLER & PALAU (S&P) is a company based in Spain that specializes in ventilation, both industrial and private. Today, S&P is a well-known, leading and successful ventilation company in the world. The company has subsidiaries in Portugal, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latvia (this branch covers all three Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), Austria, Mexico, USA, Canada, Colombia and Australia. as a privileged distributor in many other parts of the world, as well as through an expensive project, it seeks to enter a growing and powerful Asian market.


  • Elegant SILENT-100 CZ DESIGN bathroom fan for those who like exclusivity with excellent characteristics, suitable for baths, toilets or other small rooms
  • With non-return valve to prevent air from blowing out of the field or duct when the fan is switched off
  • Protection class IP45, which means that the fan can be operated in rooms where water splashes on the fan housing are possible

Technical data:

  • Color: gold
  • Productivity: 85 m3 / h
  • Power: 8 W
  • Number of revolutions: 2400 rpm.
  • Noise level: 26.5dB
  • Weight: 0.65 kg
  • Diameter D100 mm
  • Made in Spain

Fan SOLER & PALAU SILENT-100 CZ GOLD DESIGN -4C, 5210619800 - take care of the ventilation of your room properly. Buy at a good price online now!

More information on the manufacturer's page

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