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Electric toothbrush Polaris PETB 0101 TC

179,00 €
Kuumakse alates 5.51




Tarne: 2-5 t.p.

Maksa 3x59.67€
Maksa 3x59.67€
Järgmine makse: 06-03-2023
Järgmine makse: 06-03-2023
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Polaris PETB 0101 TC:

  • Cleaning head shape Round
  • Operating modes Sensitive / clean / white / polishing / gum care
  • Clean mode 41,000 pulsations / min
  • WHITE_MODE 48,000 pulsations / min
  • Gum care mode 35,000 pulsations / min
  • Polishing mode 45,000 pulsations / min
  • Maximum rotation speed 48,000 pulsations / min
  • Auto Power Off Yes
  • Operation without charging for up to 60 working days (sensitive mode)
  • Moisture protection level IPX7
  • Operating voltage 4 inches
  • Rated power 3 watts
  • Non-contact battery charger Yes
  • Holder Yes

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About the manufacturer:

POLARIS - a manufacturer of home appliances from America, has been on the market for more than 18 years. The company has already managed to earn a reputation as a stable business partner and establish itself as a trusted brand. The company’s core mission is to be a leader, and the company’s name, derived from the Latin name of the guiding star, Polaris Alpha, reflects that ambition.

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