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Lean Cars Electric quad bike for children, red

179,00 €
Kuumakse alates 5.51



Tarne: 5-10 tööpäeva.

Maksa 5x35.80€
Järgmine makse: 24-07-2024
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Electric quad bike for children, red

New electric quad bike for kids is powered by 12V7Ah battery and 2x45W motor. It has two gears, reverse and forward, as well as an automatic brake when the gas pedal is released.

The quad bike is mounted on plastic wheels with a rubber band. The tape reduces the sound to a minimum. The maximum speed is 3-5 km/h, which guarantees a lot of fun for the child. The vehicle can be used on different surfaces such as asphalt, pavement, asphalt, grass.

This vehicle has been made of durable and environmentally friendly materials. Quad is CE, EN certified to ensure safe use and compliance with European Union requirements.

Motor: 2x45W
Battery: 12V7Ah
Gearbox: 2 gears (forward / reverse)
Dimensions: 90cm x 63cm x 63cm
Max. Speed: 3-6km/h
Weight: 25 kg
Max. Load: 30 kg
Charging time: 8 hours
Duration of use: up to 1 hour
Brake: automatic when the accelerator pedal is released
Seat belts: ✕
Opening door: ✕
Keys: ✕
Seat: plastic seat
Wheels: plastic with rubber band
Remote control: ✕
Lights: Headlamps
Music: music panel with MP3, USB, SD

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Lean Cars Electric quad bike for children, red

Lean Cars Electric quad bike for children, red