TakeMe Smart Magnetic Fix Book Case without clip Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (A146B) Blue

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TakeMe Smart Magnetic Fix Book Case without clip Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (A146B) Blue

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Premium quality Eco Leather Book stand Flip Case with silicone Phone Holder, and buil-in magnetic fixation in front part of case.

TakeMe Smart Magnetic Fix – is high quality cases with unique magnetic front part fixation system, silicone phone holder and pocket for cards. It is so easy to fix phone into silicone holder witch is safety built into back part of case. TakeMe Smart Magnetic Fix cases has easy magnetic fixation and ultra slim design, witch makes this series smart and easy to use

Compatibility with: Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (A146B)

Color: Blue

Shape and size of this mobile phone case in Photo is just for information as example. real shame and cut outs perfectly fit to mobile phone model witch is listed in this description.

Opens side way and fixes with built-In magnet fixation in front part of case

Mobile phone holds a special silicone purse part of a high quality and reliable embedded phone case. Phone can be removed and re-insert it, and leave no sticky feet, no scratches. Made of high quality and durable eco-leather, whose surface is corrugated with a special anti scratch design. Case has one pocket for credit cards. 

Color: Colour and design like in Picture

Packed in Mobile-Store blister package!