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None Led projector for bungalow waves + 12 slides

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Tarne: 4-10 t.p.

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Järgmine makse: 23-06-2024
Järgmine makse: 23-06-2024
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LED PROJECTOR FOR CHRISTMAS HOME WAVES + 12 NUMBERS FOR EACH OCCASION - the projector has up to 12 different slides on which there are pictures indicating such holidays as: Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Women's Day, Birthday, Carnival, New Year's Eve, St. Nicholas Day etc. Due to its versatility, it can be used all the time, regardless of the season or the occasion. QUICK ASSEMBLY - the device has 2 mounting options: a sharp pin, with which there are no problems, we can put it in the ground, there is no need to attach it to a wall, fence or tree. Simply attach the spike to the projector with a screw and the projector is ready to use. ENERGY SAVING - Is it a great alternative for people who light their houses/apartments with a lot of lamps. This means we get huge electric bills right after the holiday season, but they only last for a few days. The projector will make the building stand out with low electricity consumption. REMOTE CONTROL - The projector has a remote control, thanks to which we can change modes and turn the device on and off even from a distance of 35 meters. It has 18 buttons on it, so 17 interesting features such as: timer, color change, wave. They were included with the remote control complete with batteries and protective film. SPECIFICATION - power: 5W; power supply: 200-240V 50-60HZ; dimensions (length/width/height): 10.5/15/26cm; cable length: 4.8cm; set weight: 0.6 kg; weight with packaging: 0.64 kg. SPECIFICATION power: 5W timer: 2-4-6h power supply: 200-240V 50-60HZ dimensions (length/width/height): 10.5/15/26cm cord length: 4.8cm set weight: 0.6kg weight with packaging: 0.64 kg INCLUDING: 12 slides power plug pin mounting kit Remote projector stand EASY TO USE The projector is ready to use right out of the box. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and immediately enjoy the sensational decoration. To facilitate the installation of the device, a pin is included in the kit, which is enough to secure the projector to the ground with a screw and a hammer. To replace the cartridge: 1. Unscrew and remove the two screws 2. Lift the cover with the seal, you will see the cartridge with the slide inside 3. Pull out the cartridge carefully so as not to touch the images on the slide 4. Insert the new slide of your choice 5. Reinstall the nut with the gasket and tighten the screws . Place the projector approximately 3-4 meters away from the projection surface. With the lights off, you may need to reposition the projector to get the best image quality. According to COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/2020 OF OCTOBER 1, 2019 AND COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2021/341, 2021 February 23 in 2020 December 17 (EU) 2021/340 Art. 2 sec. 1 lit. (a), this product does not fall within the definition of a light source. This product is not covered by the regulation.

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None Led projector for bungalow waves + 12 slides

None Led projector for bungalow waves + 12 slides