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Wilson Roland Garros Equipe HP tennis racket, handle size 2

78,90 €
Kuumakse alates 2.93




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Maksa 3x26.30€
Maksa 3x26.30€
Järgmine makse: 29-04-2023
Järgmine makse: 29-04-2023
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Wilson Roland Garros Equipe HP tennis racket with a stylish Roland Garros body. The strong graphite composition provides an excellent combination of control, feel and power. Wilson's PWS, or Perimeter Weighting System, improves torsional stability and brings strength to shocks over a larger range. An excellent option for the intermediate player looking for a reliable racket. The soft handle ensures a comfortable grip on the racket and the composite material adds rigidity and easier control.

Roland Garros is the legendary arena of the French Open tennis tournament. Wilson’s Roland Garros collection honors this tennis sanctuary in French style.


  • Sold pre-tensioned
  • Weight: 286 g (tensioned 302 g)
  • Perimeter size: 100 "/ 645 cm2
  • Balance 34 cm (1 HL)
  • Tension 16x19
  • Length: 27 "/ 68.6 cm
  • Handle size: 2
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