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Peotelk 6x12m, valge

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Maksa 3x466.33€
Järgmine makse: 24-03-2024
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Event tent, 6x12 m

The marquee provides an opportunity to celebrate outdoor celebrations without fear of weather conditions. This tent provides respite from the hot sun and light wind. Not only that, it provides shelter from the rain. In case of unexpected wind or rain, all tent entrances can be closed with zippers or other methods. If desired, the walls of the tent can also be removed, thus allowing the tent to ventilate. The marquee is spacious enough to accommodate long festive tables, as well as outdoor sofas or armchairs.


Store the marquee in a dry, dark place. Make sure the tent is completely dry before packing it up. When using a marquee, it should be firmly anchored to the ground. It is not recommended to use the tent in strong wind or rain.

General marquee dimensions 6x12x3.02/3.78 m
Material the frame is made of steel, the tent cover is polyethylene, 240 g/m 2
Color White
Dimensions of side pipes D38x0.75mm

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Peotelk 6x12m, valge

Peotelk 6x12m, valge