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Dibea D960 Robot Tolmuimeja Vaata suuremat
Kuumakse alates 9.17 €

Pilt on illustratiivne. Sellel kujutatud toode võib erineda pakutavast või sisaldada tootekomplekti mittekuuluvaid osiseid.
Pöörame Teie tähelepanu et tellimine toimib nimetuse järgi. Pilt on illustratiivne.


289,00 €

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    Dibea D960 Robottolmuimeja ja robotmop



    Smart Self-Charging Robot with Precise Edge Cleaning Technology for Pet Hair Thin Carpets

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    Tarneaeg 4-6 t.p.

    • 1 tk Tarnija laos (Tarneaeg 4-6 t.p.)

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    • High performance: Efficient 3-stage cleaning system with 1.2KPa powerful suction, provides a quick and thorough clean-up on all floor types, including hardwood, tile, thin carpet floors, all at the push of a button
    • Versatile cleaning modes: Automatically adjusts cleaning modes when vacuuming on different floors, moves from hard floor to thin carpet with ease. Precise edge cleaning technology tackles messes along the walls and corners
    • Pet & kid-friendly: Super quiet with advanced brush-less motor. H11-grade HEPA style filter, effectively reduces allergens and dust mites, ideal for home with pets & kids
    • Stylish design: Anti-scratch tempered glass cover with 3-inch compact design makes it easy to clean under furniture and around clutter. A 350ml large dust bin allows the vacuum to pick up more dust, pet hair and debris
    • Easy to use: Conveniently schedule up to 7 times per week, easy to operate with the remote control. Automatically docks and recharges. 12-month warranty for any quality issues. Get 3 FREE pairs of side brushes by adding both to cart

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     Dibea D960 Robottolmuimeja ja robotmop

    Dibea D960 Robottolmuimeja ja robotmop

    Smart Self-Charging Robot with Precise Edge Cleaning Technology for Pet Hair Thin Carpets

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