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Allahinnatud! iRobot Braava 390t Robot Mop Vaata suuremat
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    iRobot Braava 390t Robot Mop



    Shiny Floors at the Push of a Button!

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    The iRobot Braava 390t mops floors dryly or wet. It convinces with easy handling and provides different kinds of hard floors (tiles, laminate, parquet) shining bright. With the help of the so-called NorthStar® Navigation System the Braava 390t is able to clean numerous rooms. The Microfiber-Pads are washable and can be used many times.


    Braava 390t Cleans Different Floor Types

    The iRobot Braava takes care of the daily mopping work from different floor types. The robot mops cleans not only tiles but also vinyl or laminate. Braava 390t uses either washable Microfiber cloths or disposable cloths.


    The Robot Mop with 2 Cleaning Modes

    iRobot Braava 390t offers two different cleaning modes. The appropriate buttons are on top of the floor mopping robot:


    • • “Sweep” Mode

    In this mode, Braava cleans the floor dryly in straight lines. Reliably, it removes dirt, dust and hair with its Microfiber cloth. To sweep the floors it is nessessary to mount the cleaning pad (incl. the Microfiber cloth) on the bottomside of the robot mop.


    • • “Mop” Mode

    In “Mop” mode Braava uses a forward-back move to mop the floors wetly. Therefore, you have to fill (with water) and mount the cleaning pad. That’s how the robot mop reliably removes dust and dirt.


    NorthStar® Navigation Cube – for a Better Navigation

    The NorthStar® Navigation System is similar to an indoor GPS signal. It allows the iRobot Braava 390t to map the given area and exactly remember the already cleaned floors. When operating several NorthStar® Navigation Cubes, please make sure to use different channels.


    Cleaning small and large Floors

    In “Sweep” mode the iRobot cleans up to 93 m2, in “Mop” mode it masters up to 33 m2. With multiple NorthStar® Navigation Cubes the iRobot Braava would be able to cover up to 186 m2.


    Advantages of the iRobot Braava

    The floor mopping robot convinces with many positive aspects:


    • Cleans hardly reachable spots (e.g. under low furniture)
    • Complete cleaning of the given area
    • Obstacles are carefully driven around
    • Removes dirt and dust from edges and corners
    • Recognises stairs, steps and carpets
    • Soft driving upon obstacles (furniture, objects, etc.)


    Braava 390t with Easy Handling

    Before cleaning, the iRobot Braava 390t needs to be fully charged. After filling (with water) and mounting the cleaning pad and cloth you can choose the cleaning mode. Immediately, the Braava starts the cleaning process. When completed, it automatically returns to the starting point.


    Robot Mop with Charging Station

    There is a turbo charge cradle included in the scope of delivery of Braava 390t. With the turbo charge cradle the floor mopping robot only takes two hours to get fully charged.


    Successor of the Braava 380t

    The Braava 390t is the official successor of iRobot Braava 380t (successor of Braava 380). Both models only differ in their colour (Braava 380t: black and Braava 390t white).

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    iRobot Braava 390t Robot Mop

    iRobot Braava 390t Robot Mop

    Shiny Floors at the Push of a Button!

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