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Roomba 691 Vaccum robot



The cheap Roomba 691 is the perfect robot hoover for floors with up to 80 m2.

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By combining the 3-Stage-Cleaning-System and a powerful suction motor, the Roomba removes up to 50% more dirt, dust and pollution from hard floors and carpets. With HEPA Filter and AeroForceTM Extractors it is the ideal robot hoover for pet hair and allergy sufferers. 


More Than Thorough Floor Cleaning

Like all models of the iRobot Roomba 800 series the model Roomba 875 is equipped with the revolutionary AeroForceTM Cleaning System. Therefore it removes up to 50% more dirt and pollution like dust or pet hair.


iRobot Roomba 875 with AeroForceTM System

Instead of the conventional combination of brushes and rubber treads, the Roomba 875 picks up dirt, using two counter-rotating extractors with sturdy rubber treads. Having a brushless system means it can’t get tangled up. The suction motor of the Roomba is optimised to offer a suction capability that is up to 5-times higher than previous models. During cleaning, the robot hoover automatically adjusts to different surfaces, such as carpets, hard wood, tiled and laminated floors.

The iRobot 875 is not made for cleaning black carpets or floors, as these are recognized as abysses. When meeting, the Roomba will change its cleaning way, avoiding to drive over these areas.


Robot Hoover for Pet Hair and Allergy Sufferers

For households with allergy sufferers and pets the removal of dirt and dust/hair particles is absolutely important. The integrated HEPA filter is especially made for allergy sufferers, keeping dust particles inside the dust bin.

With the AeroForceTM Extractors the Roomba 875 removes up to 50% more dirt and dust particles than its competitors. The extractors avoid tangling up (pet) hair what keeps the maintenance on a minimum.


Roomba Recognizes Obstacles and Abysses

Thanks to its numerous sensors the iRobot Roomba 875 recognizes obstacles as well as stairs and abysses. The anti drop sensors allow an early recognition so that the robot vacuum can change its cleaning direction.

Please note
The iRobot 875 always drives upon the obstacle. With sensitive objects or obstacles we recommend separating them with a Virtual Wall.


Limiting Areas with the Dual Mode Virtual Wall

In the scope of delivery there is a Dual Mode Virtual Wall included. It offers two different functions of usage:

  • • Virtual Wall: builds an invisible boundary the Roomba will not overcome
  • • Halo-Mode: builds a protection zone (e.g. for feeding dishes of pets)


Robot Hoover with Modern Sensors

The iRobot Roomba 875 is able to notice extremely dirty areas with the special Dirt-Detect-Technology. As soon as it realizes a more dirty area it automatically cleans with high intensity by moving forward and backwards.


Roomba 875 with Charging Station

As soon as the cleaning process is completed, the iRobot 875 automatically returns to its charging station. Furthermore there occurs a notification (on the display) when the dirt bin is full. As soon as the dirt bin is empty and the battery is charged, the Roomba is ready for the next cleaning process.


Including xLife Battery

The Roomba 875 is equipped with the special iRobot xLife battery. Compared to the previous batteries of iRobot, the xLife battery offers even more energy and charging cycles.


Robot Vacuum with Time Program

Unpack, recharge (over night) and the Roomba 875 is ready to clean. The robot vacuum can either be started by pushing the “CLEAN” button or by programming the exact starting time. Then, the Roomba will automatically carry out its cleaning task at the selected time, returning to the charging station when the process is completed.


The Lesson is Clear

The iRobot Roomba 875 is the perfect robot hoover for you, if:

  • Your household is smaller than 80 m2 or can be separated into different cleaning areas (rooms)
  • You suffer from allergies
  • You have an animalistic family member
  • You are looking for a vacuum cleaner with minimum maintenance


The Roomba 875 is probably the wrong robot vacuum for you, if:

  • You exclusively own black carpets or floors
  • The floors in your household cannot be separated into smaller areas (max. 80 m2)
  • You own sensible furniture

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Roomba 691 Vaccum robot

Roomba 691 Vaccum robot

The cheap Roomba 691 is the perfect robot hoover for floors with up to 80 m2.

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