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myVacBot B100 Robot Vacuum Vaata suuremat
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Робот-пылесос myVacBot B100



The new myVacBot B100robot vacuum doesn't only make the hearts of household-grumpies beat faster. With its new brush design it overshadows the one or another competitor in the matters of floor cleaning.

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The brushes mounted in v-shape offer an even a bigger suction area that removes even the most stubborn kind of dirt. But not only dust and dirt - even bacteria, mites and other Microorganisms are thoroughly removed. That makes it not only innovative but also reliable and aseptic! 


2 Main Brushes in V-Shaped Disposal

Not like its competitors, the myVacBot B100 is equipped with two main brushes. Their v-shaped arrangement offers an even larger absorption surface and clean your floors extremely thoroughly.


A Robot Hoover with UV Light

The myVacBot B100 is featured with an integrated UV Light, reliably killing the most different kind of bacteria. That’s why the it is the perfect partner in the matters of floor cleaning - especially for households with allergy sufferers.


Time Programming of the Robot Vacuum

Even when you are not at home the robot hoover reliably takes care of cleaning your floors. With less handgrips you can programme one starting time each weekday. The cleaning process will reliably be started at the pre-programmed time.


Soft-Touch - for a Smooth Cleaning

The Soft-Touch function avoids that the robot vacuum collides raggedly with obstacles or walls. When the Soft-Touch function is activated, the myVacBot B100 lowers its speed when detecting obstacles, to softly drive up to them.


Useful Handling in Your Daily Routine


Hygienic Filter and Dust Bin

Both, dust bin and filter of the myVacBot B100 are easily removable and washable with fresh water. Therefore it is an extremely hygienic cleaning ensured.


Sonic Wall to Limit the Cleaning Area

With the Sonic Wall you can limit the cleaning area. By placing the Sonic Wall in the given area it builds a boundary the myVacBot B100 robot vacuum will never overrun. It is recommended to use the Sonic Wall as a boundary near staircases and abysses, building a drop protection.


Useful Remote Control

The robot hoover can comfortably be controlled with its remote control, being stored on its top side. Certainly it can also be controlled by using the buttons on the device.

If there occur any problems in using the remote control we recommend to delete the main unit of the device and carry out a new synchronization of the remote control. A useful guideline can be found in the user manual in chapter 19 “setting ID with main unit”.


Overcomeing Thresholds

The robot vacuum is able to effortlessly overcome thresholds (like carpets, thresholds, etc.) with a maximum height of 1 cm.


Ideal Cleaning for Any Floor Condition

Depending on the floor condition and degree of pollution, you can select the most suitable cleaning mode for the robot vacuum:


Spiral Mode - for a Focused Cleaning

The Spiral Mode is the ideal cleaning mode for heavily dirty floors. By spirally cleaning the given floors, the robot vacuum ensures convincing cleaning results.


Wall Following Mode - Clean Edges and Corners

To thoroughly remove dirt and dust in edges and corners, the myVacBot B100 drives along walls.


Special Bounce Mode - Obstacles are Welcome

This mode is perfectly suitable for rooms with many obstacles. When touching obstacles or walls, the robot hoover will easily change its cleaning direction. Whether toys or furniture – the Special Bounce Mode masters any challenge.


Zig-Zag Mode - for a Rapid Cleaning

In a Zig-Zag pattern the floors are cleaned, being extremely rapid and nevertheless extraordinarily thorough.


Polygonal Mode - for Tricky Floors

With the help of this mode, the robot vacuum can clean even hardly reachable spots. It is the ideal cleaning mode for tricky rooms providing many obstacles.


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Робот-пылесос myVacBot B100

Робот-пылесос myVacBot B100

The new myVacBot B100robot vacuum doesn't only make the hearts of household-grumpies beat faster. With its new brush design it overshadows the one or another competitor in the matters of floor cleaning.

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