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Allahinnatud! Roomba 615 Vaccum robot Vaata suuremat
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Pilt on illustratiivne. Sellel kujutatud toode võib erineda pakutavast või sisaldada tootekomplekti mittekuuluvaid osiseid.
Pöörame Teie tähelepanu et tellimine toimib nimetuse järgi. Pilt on illustratiivne.


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    iRobot Roomba 615 robot tolmuimeja



    The iRobot Roomba 615 is the ideal robot vacuum for floors with up to 60 m2

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    Roomba 615 Cleans Automatically and Thoroughly

    The iRobot 615 cleans your floors extremely thoroughly and automatically. Like all other models of the iRobot Roomba 600 series, iRobot Roomba 615 is also equipped with the patented 3-Stage-Cleaning-System. It effortlessly removes dirt and dust from hard floors (laminate, tiles, parquet, etc.) and carpets.


    Robot Vacuum with 3-Stage-Cleaning-System

    On the underside of the robot hoover there are two counter-ground brushes. With strong suction power the Roomba 615 vacuums dust and transports it through the brushes directly in the AeroVacTM bin.


    “Random” Navigation for Clean Floors

    The robot hoover cleans with a “random” navigation pattern. That means it navigates chaotically, driving up to four times over any single spot of your floors. That’s what ensures an extremely thorough floor cleaning.


    Due to the Anti-Tangle-Technology the iRobot 615 will not get entangled in cables or carpets. Furthermore the robot vacuum recognizes more dirty spaces, cleaning them with intensely (Dirt Detect).


    Clean Floors, Edges and Corners

    With its low height, the robot hoover moves under beds, sofas and low furniture to thoroughly clean hardly reachable spots. Its sidewise mounted side brush ensures an intense cleaning of edges and corners.


    iRobot Roomba 615 Recognizes Stairs and Abysses

    Its Anti-Drop-Sensors recognize abysses and stairs in time, giving the robot vacuum an information to change its cleaning direction. 


    Please note:

    The iRobot Roomba 615 drives against your furniture and walls. Through its bumper at the front of the robot it gets the information to change the cleaning direction. It will not leave any traces on your furniture.


    iRobot Roomba 615 Offers Easy Handling

    The robot hoover convinces technic-lovers as well as laity. It is very easy to handle and operate. After manually pushing the CLEAN button, the robot vacuum cleans the given area of maximum 60 m2. Afterwards it independently and automatically returns to its charging station.


    iRobot Roomba 620 Successor

    The Roomba 615 is the successor of the iRobot Roomba 620. Both robot hoovers convince with the 3-Stage-Cleaning-System, strong suction power and easy handling. Compared to its precursor the 615 is typically equipped with a powerful xLife battery.

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    iRobot Roomba 615 robot tolmuimeja

    iRobot Roomba 615 robot tolmuimeja

    The iRobot Roomba 615 is the ideal robot vacuum for floors with up to 60 m2

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