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Allahinnatud! Ecovacs Winbot W850 Window Cleaning Robot Vaata suuremat
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Ecovacs Winbot W850 Window Cleaning Robot



Exclusive at HRobotic: In addition, free accessory package 
(1x window cleaner 200ml + 1x microfibre pad)

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Ecovacs – for Glass Surfaces with or without Frames

The Winbot cleans framed or frameless glass surfaces, larger than 50 x 50 cm (19.7” x 19.7”). It is the ideal window cleaning robot for framed and frameless windows. When operated on framed glasses, please mind a minimum frame thickness of 5 mm.


Easy Operation

The Ecovacs Winbot W850 scores with easy handling. Simply press the Start button and the Ecovacs automatically starts cleaning. After completing it independently returns to its starting point.


For Different Glass Surfaces

The Winbot W850 is equipped with air suction (fan). Therefore it can be used individually on different kind of glass surfaces. It cleans balcony windows, framed and frameless glass doors, mirrors and the like.

Please note:
The Ecovacs Winbot W850 cleans horizontally mounted glass surfaces only when controlled with the remote. It could happen, that the Ecovacs cannot be operated on inclined glass surfaces. An upside-down usage (like ceiling of sunrooms) is not possible.


Washable and Reusable Microfiber-Cloth

For a thorough window cleaning the Winbot W850 uses a large Microfiber-cloth that is mounted on the underside of the window cleaning robot. Please take care of not covering the edge sensors or the squeegees with the cloth.

After window cleaning, the Microfiber-cloth can be removed from the robot. The cloth is washable and reusable. Please wash it by hand or in the washing machine by up to 30°C (no softener; no drier).

Ecovacs Winbot W850


Recognizes Size and Shape of the Window

The Ecovacs Winbot W850 recognizes the size and shape of the window. Accordingly, it automatically selects the most effective cleaning path. You can also select the cleaning pattern with the remote control:


  • Cleaning mode “Z”- cleaning pattern on wide windows
  • Cleaning mode “N”- cleaning pattern on narrow windows



Ecovacs Winbot W850


Requirements for Operating the Window Cleaning Robot

Thanks to its air suction mechanism, the Winbot can be operated on frameless or framed glass surfaces from different kinds, like satin-finished, stained, glued and bright glass, mirrors and much more. The glass surface should not be less then the lower limit of 50 x 50 cm.

Please keep in mind that the Winbot is connected to the socket during the cleaning. With the help of the included extension cable the power cord can be extended up to 4.3 meters.


Useful Hints

When applying the cleaning fluid: Less – is More. Only put a minimal amount of fluid onto the Microfiber-cloth. Otherwise there could occur streaks. There is a special cleaning fluid included in the scope of delivery.

Our Secret Hint:
You can also use water mixed with alcohol in order to achieve an equally good result. Furthermore you could use a commercial cleanser.


For a Regular Window Cleaning

The Ecovacs Winbot W850 is intended for regular cleaning of glass fronts. For use on highly contaminated glass fronts or for the first window cleaning in spring, it is necessary to do a repeated insertion. For heavily contaminated glass fronts we recommend a manual pre-cleaning.


Charge Before Each Usage

The Winbot W850 is equipped with a safety battery to avoid dropping immediately in case of a power breakdown. This safety battery has to be fully charged before each usage. Please keep in mind to switch the main button ON for charging. When the start button blinks blue, the window cleaning robot is ready.


Winbot W830 vs. Winbot W850

It not only a new and modern look of the new Winbot W850. Even the technology has been optimized. The new Winbot cleans quieter and also faster and has additional features like bumper and two squeegees.


The Lesson is Clear

The Ecovacs Winbot W850 is the ideal window cleaning robot for


  • • Vertical glass surfaces with or without frames
  • • Different conditions like mirrors, balcony doors, etc.
  • • Hardly reachable glass surfaces
  • • Satin-finished, stained, glued and bright glass


This Winbot is less recommended for:


  • • horizontal surfaces (only manual controlling)
  • • inclined glass surfaces
  • • glass surfaces with less than 50 x 50 cm

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Ecovacs Winbot W850 Window Cleaning Robot

Ecovacs Winbot W850 Window Cleaning Robot

Exclusive at HRobotic: In addition, free accessory package 
(1x window cleaner 200ml + 1x microfibre pad)

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