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Allahinnatud! Hobot 288 Window Cleaning Robot Vaata suuremat
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Hobot 288 aknapuhasturobot



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For windows with and without frames

The Hobot is equipped with numerous sensors. Due to its laser sensor it measures height and distances. Therefore, the HB-288 is able to recognize borders of windows. That makes it perfectly suitable for windows with and without frames.


Cleans different surfaces

This window-cleaning robot cleans the most different surfaces like smooth or rough windows, glass doors and mirrors. Even shower cubicles or tiled walls can be cleaned with Hobot 288.


For small and large surfaces

With this Hobot there can be cleaned smaller as well as larger surfaces. Please keep in mind the following data:

Minimum cleaning area: 40 x 40 cm

Maximum cleaning are: 6 x 5 m

The glass thickness is not relevant as the robot is suitable for any glass thickness.


Washable microfiber cloths

The microfiber cloths are washable and can be reused. The high-quality and smooth surface avoids that the glass is scratched during the cleaning.


Smart. Safe. Swift: the new Hobot 288

Control via Smartphone

The Hobot-App is available in App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). It can be downloaded free of charge to control the Hobot. In the app you can choose the cleaning mode, start the robot and control it by using direction buttons - everything, comfortably via Smartphone.

Additionally, the window-cleaning robot can be controlled with the remote control (included in delivery).


With safety rope and emergency battery

The Hobot 288 stands for maximums safety when cleaning windows - even in dizzying heights. An emergency battery (battery working time 20 min) assures that the window robot doesn’t drop during a power cut. Additionally, the safety rope is preventing dropping.


Window-cleaning robot with artificial intelligence (AI)

 The HB-288 is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI technology). This technology makes the robot identify the whole surface automatically. Then, it calculates the smartest cleaning way and guarantees a rapid window cleaning. There are only needed 2.4 minutes for one square meter.




Hobot 288 vs. Hobot 268

The HB-288 is the successor of HB-268. Both window-cleaning robots differ in colour and controlling methods. The Hobot 288 is not only controllable via remote control but also via Smartphone (with app).


The Hobot is perfectly suitable for

  • Different surfaces like windows, glass doors, mirrors, tiles and the like
  • Framed and frameless windows
  • Surfaces with up to 30 m2
  • Difficult glass surfaces that you can hardly clean by yourself


This window robot doesn’t exactly meet your requirements, if:

  • Your glass surfaces are smaller than 40 x 40 cm or bigger than 6 x 5 m
  • There is no need of an app control

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Hobot 288 aknapuhasturobot

Hobot 288 aknapuhasturobot

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