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Allahinnatud! Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaning Robot Vaata suuremat
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Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaning Robot



Swimming, no working: Enjoy a clean pool with Dolphin E10 pool cleaning robot

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The robotic pool cleaner is suitable for pools up to 32 m², above-ground pools included. Due to its active brush system the Dolphin leaves the bottom of your pool clean and free of algae and bacteria. With its effective filter system, it keeps the water clear and clean. It is one of the lightweight among the pool robots. Thus it is easy to handle.


Active brush system for maximum cleanliness

The brushes of the Dolphin E10 rotate as twice as fast as the pool cleaning robot is moving. This efficient brush system removes algae and bacteria reliably from the bottom of the pool.


Also suitable for above-ground pools

With a cable length of 12 metres the robotic pool cleaner is able to clean concrete and PVC pools up to 8 x 4 metres reliably. It is excellent also for above-ground pools and for slightly salty water up to 0.5% salt content.


Effective filter system

The filter system of the Dolphin E10 reliably removes dirt particles from the water. It collects residuals in the water efficiently and removes fine particles as well as rough dirt. Thus the water stays hygienic clean and clear.


Easy maintenance

The filter system is easy to access. The useful collecting vessel can be comfortably removed from above. This makes cleaning and maintenance easy.


Dolphin E10, a lightweight pool cleaning robot

With 6.3 kilos the Dolphin is compared to other pool robots very lightweight. It can easily be released to the water. A quick and dirt-free water runback supports the removal from the water.


Key facts in summary

  • Cleans the bottom of the pool with an active brush system
  • Basins up to 32 m²
  • Usable in PVC or concrete pools
  • Suitable for above-ground pools
  • Salt content of the water: 0.5 % maximum
  • Only 6.3 kg weight
  • Dirt-free water runback

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Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaning Robot

Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaning Robot

Swimming, no working: Enjoy a clean pool with Dolphin E10 pool cleaning robot

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