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Allahinnatud! Fydelity Jambox G-Force Shoulder Bag with Speakers (35х20х10cm) Black Vaata suuremat

Pilt on illustratiivne. Sellel kujutatud toode võib erineda pakutavast või sisaldada tootekomplekti mittekuuluvaid osiseid.
Pöörame Teie tähelepanu et tellimine toimib nimetuse järgi. Pilt on illustratiivne.


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Fydelity Jambox G-Force Shoulder Bag with Speakers (35х20х10cm) Black



EAN: 0854096924104

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FYDELITY Stereobags! Turn on, jack in and rock out! Bags, Backpacks and Coolers with amplified speakers that connect to your smartphone or MP3 player. The Party's in the Bag! Introducing FYDELITY Stereobags, the only collection of fashion bags and backpacks that accessorize music as the soundtrack of your life. FYDELITY Stereobags connect to any MP3 player or smart phone and have a built-in amplifier and speakers that let you listen to music without headphones. FYDELITY's lifestyle accessories mix gear, gadgets and beats. Rooted in 80’s boombox culture, a time when music came from the streets, FYDELITY Stereobags takes “File Sharing”, “Hyperlinks” and “Social Networking” offline to connect people together and bring them back to the Music. The Party's in the Bag!

Producer: Fydelity (USA)

Product code: 92410

Color: Black (with Speakers)

Internal size: 35х20х10cm

Material: plastic, leather substitute

Weight, kg: 0.4

Volume, liters: 7

Vibrant model with a hard bottom in the form of cassette tape retro. Tightly woven and convenient clasp "lightning" with the company logo will ensure product tightness. Lining framed actual signature prints. Inside one room, a secret pocket and one outboard, which is hidden in a block and wires to waterproof Hi-Fi stereo speakers with 3 watt amplifier. S / N Ratio: 60 dB. Easily connect your phone, mp3, CD player, iPod / iPad through the 3.5mm stereo jack. Pockets for iPod / iPhone for quick and easy access to your player. Power supply: 4 batteries AA (penlight), for continuous 10-hour sound. Frequency response: 150 Hz ~ 20 kGts.Otlichnaya convenient bag, podhodyaschae for training sessions and for daily walks and outdoor activities!

Packed in polybag.

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Fydelity Jambox G-Force Shoulder Bag with Speakers (35х20х10cm) Black

Fydelity Jambox G-Force Shoulder Bag with Speakers (35х20х10cm) Black

EAN: 0854096924104

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