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Allahinnatud! Robotniiduk Worx Landroid S300 (WR130E) - 2019 Model Vaata suuremat
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Robotniiduk Worx Landroid S300 (WR130E) - 2019 Model


The new Worx Landroid S300 adapts to your needs!

The new robot mower Worx S300 with app control is suitable for lawns of up to 300 m2 and manages inclines of up to ±27 % (15°)

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The robotic lawn mower is able to create an optimal mowing plan according to the size of the lawn. It adapts the mowing times individually to the weather conditions and grass growth. With artificial intelligence (AIA technology) and multi-zone programming, the Worx Landroid WR130E can also be used in more complex gardens. The Worx Landroid S300 automatically takes care of the lawn

The robot lawn mower Worx Landroid WR130E is suitable for areas of up to 300 m2. With a strong lithium-ion battery, it manages slopes up to ±27 % (15°). Especially practical: the 20 V battery is compatible with other Worx tools! The lawn mower robot can be comfortably controlled and programmed via smartphone app.

 The robotic lawn mower calculates the mowing time automatically

By walking along the property with the smartphone, the lawn size can be automatically determined. Based on the lawn size, the Worx WR130E automatically creates an optimal mowing plan. The robot mower adapts the mowing times to the weather conditions and the grass growth. This gives your lawn an optimal care.

 AIA technology & multi-zone programming for an optimal mowing result

The Worx S300 is equipped with artificial intelligence. Using the AIA technology, it skilfully navigates through narrow passages and mows them reliably. This makes the Worx Landroid S300 reliable for use on complex lawns. The lawn robot also offers multi-zone programming for an optimal handling of ancillary areas.

 Robot lawn mower with app control

The Worx Landroid S300 can be comfortably controlled via app for smartphone or tablet. The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android

Via the Wi-Fi connection the firmware of the Worx WR130E is automatically updated. Your device is always up to date.


Note: All settings can also be made via the display directly on the device.

 The Worx Landroid WR130E mows the lawn reliablyMulch function for a great lawn quality

The robot mower trims the lawn with three sharp rotating blades as it roams the lawn. The knife disc rotates in both directions. As a result, the knives are worn on both sides and thus have to be exchanged much less frequently. The cutting height can be adjusted between 30 and 50 mm in three steps. The fine grass clippings fall to the ground as a mulch. There they serve the lawn as a natural fertilizer and provide moisture.

 Intelligent rain sensor

Thanks to a rain sensor, the Worx robot lawn mower interrupts the mowing process when it rains. It continues mowing after it has stopped raining. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted via app. If desired, a weatherproof construction allows the robotic lawn mower to mow even in the rain.

 Worx Landroid S300 with innovative charging station

When the battery is low, the lawn robot automatically returns to its charging station to recharge. The robotic lawn mower Worx S300 is equipped with lateral charging contacts. That means, it can simply drive through the charging station. This allows a versatile placement of the charging station.

 Upgrade your Worx robot mower: Accessory parts available

The robot lawn mower Worx Landroid S300 can be upgraded with various accessory parts. This will give you a device that is optimally adapted to your needs and the requirements of your lawn.


Optionally available are the following additional functions:


Anti Collision System (ACS)The Landroid recognizes obstacles with the help of ultrasonic sensors and drives around them without touching.

 Voice Control

With built-in speakers, it is possible to control the Worx Landroid S300 via voice commands.

 GPS localisation

In case of theft, the position of the lawn mower robot can be detected using 4G technology.

 Digital fence

For complex lawns, the Digital Fence as a virtual boundary option simplifies the placement of the perimeter wire.


Note: Other accessories should follow.

 Sensors make the robot lawn mower safe

If the robot mower is lifted or bumped, the knives stop immediately. A PIN code protects against unauthorized use. In addition, the Worx S300 cannot be started if it is located outside the network.

 Installation and set-up

The Worx Landroid WR130E is ready for use in just a few steps. All accessory parts for the installation of the robotic lawn mower Worx Landroid S300 (boundary wire, etc.) are included in the scope of delivery. Following the slogan "Plug'n'Play", the robot lawn mower does not have to be programmed first but is ready for the first mowing operation at the push of a button.

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Robotniiduk Worx Landroid S300 (WR130E) - 2019 Model

Robotniiduk Worx Landroid S300 (WR130E) - 2019 Model

The new Worx Landroid S300 adapts to your needs!

The new robot mower Worx S300 with app control is suitable for lawns of up to 300 m2 and manages inclines of up to ±27 % (15°)

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