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Worx Landroid WR113MI Robot Lawn Mower Vaata suuremat
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    Worx Landroid WR111MI Robot Lawn Mower



    Worx Landroid WR111MI robot lawn mower - intelligent and fast 

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    Because of its artificial intelligence the robot mower is able to perfectly adapt to your garden. It easily navigates through intricate and uneven lawns with gradients up to ±35 %. The robotic lawn mower is suitable for lawns up to 800 m² and able to mow even narrow paths reliably. For optimal edges the Worx Landroid mows as close as possible along the boundary wire.


    Artificial intelligence makes the Worx Landroid WR111MI faster

    With its patented mowing technology AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) the robot lawn mower is able to navigate intelligently especially in narrow areas. In comparison to other robot mowers this technology makes its navigation up to 30 % faster.


    Worx Landroid: Solid and persistent

    The Worx Landroid WR111MI robot lawn mower convinces with its weatherproof construction. You can easily update its software via App to keep your device up-to-date.


    Robot lawn mower with special cutting technique

    With its special cutting technique, the robotic lawn mower mows the grass reliably. Three sharp blades produce fine mulch which falls down on the ground. There the chopped blades of grass function as a natural fertilizer. The mowing height is continuously adjustable without any further tools. For a trim garden the WR111MI mows edges along the boundary wire with very short distance.


    Comfortably control Worx Landroid WR111MI via app or operation display

    The robot mower is quickly installed because it is delivered to you already programmed. Via app or with the LCD operation display you can adjust your robot lawn mower to your individual needs, for example to lawns with several different segments. It follows your programmed weekly schedule fully automatically. When finished its work it autonomously returns to the docking station to recharge.


    Several functions for security

    Lift and tilt sensors make the robotic lawn mower a secure device. In wet weather it stops its work and returns to the docking station. When the grass is dry again, approximately 180 minutes after it has stopped raining, it goes back to work again. PIN-Code and an alarm function protect the Worx Landroid WR111MI against theft.

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    Worx Landroid WR111MI Robot Lawn Mower

    Worx Landroid WR111MI Robot Lawn Mower

    Worx Landroid WR111MI robot lawn mower - intelligent and fast 

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