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WowWee Chippies Chippette Robot Toy Dog roosa



WowWee Chippies Chippette – the cute pink robot toy dog

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Children love this adorable robot dog from the WowWee CHIP family! Chippette reacts to commands via remote control or to a fingertip touch for different actions: She is able to roam around, dance, sing, to guard you and to make funny noises. Like a real pet the toy robot can bark, sneeze and even fart. With WowWee Chippies Chippette, fun and action in the children’s room is guaranteed!


WowWee Chippies Chippette: An innovative robot pet

As soon as the WowWee Chippies dog robot has moved in with you, it will be excited to explore its new home. It moves on four maneuverable wheels with which it can move in each direction. But like a real dog, the robot toy loves especially on thing: Playing!


Different modes for fun and games

The robot dog is equipped with different play modes. It reacts to commands via remote control or to a fingertip touch. Because Chippette likes it, when her nose is petted.


With the remote control, you can control WowWee Chippies Chippette and chose different play modes:


Free roaming

When Chippette is roaming, her eyes turn blue. Then she is exploring her surroundings. If her sensors detect an obstacle or a wall, she turns around and drives into another direction. Please make sure there are no stairs or edges in the reach of the robot, to prevent it from falling down.


Guard mode

The WowWee Chippies puppy is a real watchdog! In the guard mode, its eyes turn red and it is highly alerted! It barks and growls if anything or anyone gets in the way of its sensors.


Dance mode

The robot for kids loves dancing! Simply push the right button on the remote control and WowWee Chippies Chippette starts! Her eyes turn green and she presents the funniest dancing moves.


Sing mode

While in sing mode the robot toy’s eyes are turquoise. It’s a real vocal talent and offers with a repertoire of two songs an entertaining show.


WowWee Chippies Chippette: Funny noises via secret commands

With the remote control, you can give your robot dog different secret commands. Then it howls, whimpers and farts (almost) like a real dog or takes a tinkle.

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