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Wave BookCase, Samsung Galaxy A03s, Smoky Sangria

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The Wave Book Case is a full-featured mobile phone with a protective case that, thanks to its design, provides comprehensive protection for the phone without adding much thickness around the phone.

The cover of the protective case is firmly attached with a magnet integrated inside the cover. The lid can also be conveniently opened with one hand.

Inside the cover, there are two card slots that are protected from RFID remote reading. This way, the most important cards always stay with you and are safe. Thanks to the additional joint of the cover, the case can be conveniently folded into a horizontal stand for the phone. With the help of the stand, you can enjoy the movies relaxed without straining your hands.

The casing part of the case is made of high-quality leather and the phone carriage is made of transparent TPU plastic. The result is a professionally handcrafted, high-quality, ultra-thin phone cover.

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