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Panasonic EY74A3PN2G drill series, 18V

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The Panasonic EY74A3PN2G Drill Series makes work easier and ensures progress even under heavier loads. Speed and torque are optimized to speed up your work. The tool automatically adjusts the speed lower for the lightest jobs and higher as the load increases. This allows for the right torque and speed for any task. Tungsten inserts are soldered to the chin jaws, which improves grip and protects against wear. The new innovative aluminum frame makes the drilling machine light and comfortable to use. With the battery it weighs 1.75 kg. The drill has an LED light that makes it easier to work in low light. The product package includes a charger, two batteries and a T-LOC 2 Systainer carrying case.

Note, if you register your machine within 30 days of purchase at www.panasonic-powertools.eu, you will receive an extended warranty for your machine. Learn more


  • Model: EY74A3
  • Electricity number: 6440700
  • Two batteries included
  • Battery voltage: 18 V
  • Battery capacity: 3.0 Ah (Li-ion)
  • Warranty period: 1y + 2y (by registering)
  • Weight (incl. Battery): 1.75 kg
  • Release torque: 50Nm / 40Nm
  • Speed: 20-530 rpm / 70-1800 rpm
  • Chuck: 1.5-13 mm

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