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TWS headphones Dudao U15H, Bluetooth 5.0 (white)

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TWS Dudao U15H headphones, Bluetooth 5.1 (white)

Looking for headphones that work well for work, yoga, or other activities? Dudao U15H will be perfect! They stand out in an ergonomic shape, and thanks to the touch control, they will be easy to use. They use Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which guarantees a fast and stable connection without interference.


Thoughtful design

Dudao U15H headphones are distinguished by their ergonomic design. You won't have a problem with them, as you can switch and mute songs or restart your device with just a few taps of your fingers. In addition, you can already forget about tangled wires, because they work wirelessly. Made of the highest quality materials, they are characterized by high resistance and durability.


User convenience

The U15H headset is not only a functional device, but also an exceptional user comfort. They guarantee 4 hours of continuous operation, but don't worry if they run out of power. You can easily charge them using the charging case (included) in just 1.5 hours! They use Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which guarantees a stable and fast connection without interference. From today, no one will limit you!

Manufacturer Dudao
Model U15H
Material ABS
Battery capacity 25 mAh (headphones) 300 mAh (case)
Connection Bluetooth 5.1
Music playback time 4 hours
Standby time 120 hours
Charging time 1.5 hours
Dimensions earpiece: 32 × 19 × 21 mm; case; 53 × 45 × 22 mm
Color White

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TWS headphones Dudao U15H, Bluetooth 5.0 (white)

TWS headphones Dudao U15H, Bluetooth 5.0 (white)