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Alldocube iPlay 40 - 3mk Paper Feeling™ 11''

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Paper Feeling - Draw, write and protect your device

Like paper

Boosts screen by 200%

Zero dirt

Fingerprint reduction

Are you a graphic designer or designer and do you take care of even the smallest detail in your daily work? You're working on a project with the utmost care, and then all of a sudden there's an ugly, greasy blob on the screen. Forget it! Paper Feeling is a film that is easy to keep clean and prevents smudges on the screen.

Reflective layer

If you use your tablet frequently every day and it is your work tool, you will definitely appreciate the ease of use of the Paper Feeling film. You will not only protect and take care of your tablet, but also cover it with a reflective coating, feel extraordinary working comfort and move to a completely different level of quality of using your device.

Cute as paper

The style moves across the screen, but you feel like you're writing under a piece of paper. Really great feeling. With the "Paper Feeling" protective film, you can move with time without leaving what you like - the soothing feeling of writing on paper. Paper Feeling is a nostalgic return to the past in the form of a modern protective film with a paper structure. All this to make writing and drawing on the screen pure pleasure.

Effective and durable protection

You are writing, drawing, a moment of inattention and your expensive device falls on the pavement or floor. Stomach clenched and that thought - didn't the screen fail? We know that well. Therefore, we made sure that the protective film "Paper Feeling" not only imitates paper, but also armored glass. This unique film strengthens the screen up to 200%, effectively protects the tablet or smartphone screen from scratches and breakage.

And always clean

Surely no one likes to write on dirty, stained sheets of paper? Just wipe off the Paper Feeling protective film to enjoy a flawlessly clean screen. You write and draw on the screen using the unique structure of the paper, without fingerprints and smudges! What more could you want?

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Alldocube iPlay 40 - 3mk Paper Feeling™ 11''

Alldocube iPlay 40 - 3mk Paper Feeling™ 11''