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USB to USB-C cable Vipfan Colorful X11, 3A, 1m (black)

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Vipfan X11 USB is a USB-C cable

Enjoy fast charging of your devices. The Vipfan X11 cable can provide an output current of up to 3A, and the copper cable is responsible for its efficient performance. The product is also extremely durable, and environmentally friendly PVC plastic was used for its sheath. The length of the cable is 1m.

Fast charging

You no longer have to wait too long for your devices to be charged. The X11 cable is made of pure copper, so you can enjoy fast, stable charging. The cable also provides a high output current of 3A. This means your devices will be ready for use again in no time!

Durable construction

The Vipfan X11 cable also stands out for its impressive durability. It is resistant to bending and pulling, and you don't have to worry about it breaking. The most vulnerable parts have been additionally protected. In addition, made of PVC plastic, the cable's sheath is extremely durable, yet pleasant to the touch.


Brand Vipfan
Name Fast Charging Cable
Model X11
Color Black
Interface USB is USB-C
Output current 3A (max.)
Material PVC
Cable length 1m

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USB to USB-C cable Vipfan Colorful X11, 3A, 1m (black)

USB to USB-C cable Vipfan Colorful X11, 3A, 1m (black)