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Kaspersky Lab Security f/ Storage Renewal 2 year(s) 24 month(s)

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Data Protection Like You’ve Never Seen Before
Always-on and fast storage security
Kaspersky Security for Storage provides robust, high-performance, scalable protection for valuable and sensitive data that resides on corporate Network Attached Storage (NAS) and File Servers.
Smooth integration through fast protocols, including ICAP and RPC, preserves your storage systems’ efficiency, maintaining reliable protection and an optimized end-user experience.

Reliable and transparent data protection
Native integration results in flexibility, scalability and outstanding operational efficiency, with no adverse impact on data storage systems performance and productivity.
Innovative technologies deliver the most advanced protection capabilities and exceptional fault-tolerance, and can even protect from ransomware attacks.

NAS protection that never stops
Reliable, real-time protection for storages, including self-defensive capabilities for optimum continuity

Anti-ransomware for NetApp NAS
Protect all your data and fight against crypto-malware by leveraging the NetApp FPolicy integration protocol.

Security for any file operation
Natively integrated anti-malware engine constantly protects file operations on your NAS and File Servers, regardless of origin.

Preserves storage performance
Outstanding cybersecurity protection and well-recognized resource efficiency for your NAS and File Servers.
License term in months24 month(s)
Software typeUpgrade
License term in years2 year(s)
License level purchase required250-499 license(s)
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