Deerma Electric Fan with adjustable height FD10W

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Deerma Electric Fan with adjustable height FD10W

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Deerma FD10W fan

Have you had enough of oppressive heat? Deerma FD10W fan will give you the cooling you need! It is equipped with up to 7 blades and guarantees high airflow. It offers 3 speeds and 3 heights to choose from. It can automatically rotate to the left or right and you can also tilt it up or down. It is also very easy to use and small enough that storing it will not be a problem for you.

Your new way to beat the heat

Prepare for the hot summer days. With the FD10W you will not be afraid of the heat - with a fan you can quickly cool the selected room. As many as 7 blades, whose shape was inspired by bionics, provide high airflow and allow even ventilation. You no longer have to worry about being stuffy and hot in the summer - Deerma will let you enjoy pleasant refreshment.

3 airflow speeds

With 3 available speeds, the fan is perfect for almost any home and will meet even the most diverse needs of users. It is also perfect for children and elderly people. The first speed level provides a gentle breeze, which may be associated with the sea breeze. The second offers natural gusts and a pleasant coolness. The third allows for fast and effective cooling with a powerful breeze.

Automatically rotates

Make sure that the cool, refreshing breeze will reach every corner of the room. The FD10W can automatically rotate in left and right (within 80-90 °). It is also possible to tilt the fan up or down at an angle of up to 15 °. All this makes it easy to adjust it to your needs and ensure optimal cooling!

3 available heights

What else makes the FD10W fan so versatile? There are up to 3 available height settings. So you can easily place it not only on the floor, but also, for example, on a table or dresser. What's more, the device is so light that moving it doesn't cause you any problems. The fan also does not take up too much space. You can successfully use it in the living room, bedroom, children's room or kitchen.


Operating the fan is extremely simple. You can use the button to turn the automatic rotation on and off, and a special knob allows you to select the speed level. Both the button and the knob are located on top of the device. This means you don't have to bend down to use them. They are also out of reach of small children. All this makes the FD10W fan perfect for large families as well.


Brand Deerma
Name Electric Fan
Model DEM-FD10W
Rated power 60W
Rated voltage 220-240V ~
Rated frequency 50Hz
Material PP, HIPS
Dimensions 44.5x41x134cm