One For All SV9610-5G antenna signal amplifier in one output, 20 dB

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Signal amplifier ONE FOR ALL EU/SA (type C) 230-240V 50Hz 2.5W / SV9610

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PSU Plug Type EU/SA (type C)
PSU input 230-240V 50Hz 2.5W
PSU output 75ohm

  •     Boosts your digital terrestrial and cable TV signals with 23 dB (14x amplified)

  •     Increases channel selection

  •     Incorporates a unique 3G/4G/5G block-filter, filtering out and blocking unwanted interference from mobile phones

  •     Prevents poor picture/sound quality caused by long cables and/or multiple TV/audio sets

  •     Plug & Play: Simple to set up and easy to use