Cinereplicas Harry Potter Ravenclaw Wizard Cover, L

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Cinereplicas Harry Potter Ravenclaw Wizard Cover, L

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Jump into the world of Harry Potter!

Cinereplicas Harry Potter Ravenclaw Wizard Robe is the perfect outfit for any Harry Potter fan! The package includes a wizard's robe, a tie and a Ravenclaw transfer tattoo. The robe is decorated with Ravenclaw emblems and is perfect for masquerade parties, for example!

  • Size: W 1380 mm (long) x 480 mm (shoulder)
  • Tattoo: 6 cm x 10.5 cm

Size chart and age recommendation:

XSmall-Kids: 1100 mm (long) x 360 mm (shoulder) Age recommendation: 3-6 years old

Small (S): 1150 mm (long) x 420 mm (shoulder) Age recommendation: 7-12 years old

Medium size (M): 1300 mm (long) x 440 mm (shoulder) Recommended age : 13-16 years old

Large (L): 1380 mm (long) x 480 mm (shoulder) Age recommendation: 16+