BWT 125305499 water filter supply Water filter cartridge 3 pc(s)

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BWT 125305499 water filter supply Water filter cartridge 3 pc(s)

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Silicon is generally considered a beauty element, as it supports essential functions for skin, hair and nails. It performs an important transport function in the body by supporting the storage of valuable minerals. Water enriched with silicon supports natural beauty andmental freshness into old age.
Since the body cannot produce silicon itself, it must be supplied daily through food and fluid. As a guideline, a daily requirement of approx. 20-50 mgof silicon can be assumed. Silicate + Magnesium Mineralised Water is the solution for an active lifestyle. It is a simple and effective way to support your body. The silicate content of the water is increased by approx. 30-40 mg/l*. In addition, 2.5 litres* of mineralised water cover up to 10% of the daily magnesium requirement. Quite simply without any effort, without swallowing tablets - just by drinking water.

Silicon stimulates the formation of collagen, is jointly responsible for the water balance in the body and increases the activity of enzymes in the skin. In addition, it also has positive effects on the flexibility of the blood vessels. In its function as a transport medium, it accelerates the storage of calcium in the bones and strengthens the connective tissue. Furthermore, it helps the body to transport aluminium away. Aluminium can be deposited in any tissue, especially in the brain, where it is held responsible for damage to the nervous system and thus promotes diseases such as Alzheimer's.'

Product note: We use natural silicates and minerals in our Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water cartridge. We would like to point out that abrasion of these materials can occur due to transport, which is released into the water at the beginning of the filter life. The first two litres in particular can therefore be cloudy. The turbid substances released are completely harmless. For optical reasons, we recommend that you discard the first 2-3 litres until the water is clear.

* at an average water hardness of 15-18 °dH.
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