Discmania Originals C-line DD3 driver, color assortment

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Discmania Originals C-line DD3 driver, color assortment

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The Discmania DD3 is the Originals series long-distance driver with no compromise on control. The DD3 is fast and stable. Because of its excellent glide and long flight, it is a great choice for the more advanced player.

  • Speed: 12 | Union: 5 Stability: -1 | Feidi: 3
  • Weight: 173-176 g
  • Disc color: green, pink, yellow
  • Note. the color of the print and disc varies by production batch and may not match the product image

Discmania is a Tampere-based manufacturer of frisbee golf discs, whose range includes a wide range of other frisbee golf products, such as disc backpacks and baskets. Discmania aims to provide the best frisbee golf experience for every player, regardless of level.