TFA-Dostmann 35.1162.54 environment thermometer Electronic environment thermometer Indoor/outdoor Bl

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TFA-Dostmann 35.1162.54 environment thermometer Electronic environment thermometer Indoor/outdoor Black, Silver

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The wireless weather station XENA is an elegant device with a silver-coloured frame. The slim font and clear structure of the display underline the modern design.
This visually appealing design hides sensors that provide you with readings on the climate and weather development.

A barometer registers the changes in air pressure and announces the expected weather development with a trend arrow and a suitable weather symbol.

Temperature and humidity at the installation site are displayed to monitor the room climate. The climate comfort display classifies the comfort level of the currently measured values: A smiling face shows when the living climate is optimal. A neutral or sad face indicates moderate or poor conditions, respectively. With targeted heating and ventilation, you can regulate the room climate and keep it within the comfort range.

Outside temperature and humidity are determined using a radio transmitter supplied to be set up outdoors in a protected location.
Two additional transmitters for temperature and humidity control, e.g. in the children's room or in the garage, can be connected.

The highest and lowest values achieved for indoor and outdoor can be recalled at the touch of a button. The exact time and date of storage are also displayed. There’s the option to reset the values automatically every day at midnight, or only manually.

The time and full date are set automatically via the DCF-77 radio signal and updated daily.
Product colour Black, Silver
Housing material Plastic
Display type Digital
Placement Table, Wall
Purpose Indoor/outdoor
Type Electronic environment thermometer
Temperature measurement units °C
Clock function Y
Temperature measurement range -40 - 60 °C
Battery type AA
Battery voltage 1.5 V
Power source Battery
Number of batteries supported 4
Weight & dimensions
Width 82 mm
Depth 27 mm
Height 140 mm
Weight 128 g
Packaging content
Manual Y
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