General user terms

 Frogest OÜ, registration number 12661899 (further - Service Provider), and custo mer, that 

orders from web-site

and identifies oneself by providing one’s personal

information in order form (further - User or Customer), entered into this online store User

Agreement (further - User Agreement) based on Model Terms.

Before entering into the contract, read the Model Terms, listed below. The Model Terms is an

integral part of The Agreement.

  1.   Model Terms Online Store

1.1.Online Store linked (further - online store) is an online store that was designed by The Service Provider,
and is used to sell items to the Customer. is a registered trade mark, that belongs to the Service Provider



2.1.Sides to this Agreement are guided by the Estonian Republic Debt law and other laws, also other legal acts, set by this Online store User Agreement

2.2.Service Provider has the right to change the provided online store service at any time. It informs its customers by showing notification on web site, which can be seen on the main page (a banner, etc.)

2.3.Service Provider has the right to change the Model Terms unilaterally. If Model Terms change, the Service Provider informs the Customer by showing notification on Service Provider web site, which can beseen on the main page


  1.   Items and making purchase

3.1.Items, shown on the web site are normally in stock. Availability of items, shown on the web-site may change because of technical problems in storage or web site software

3.2.If the item is not in stock and the order can not be fulfilled, the associate of the online store contacts the User and offers an available substitute, new delivery term or change the item on the other equivalent item, that has the same price and quality, or a refund. Money is returned immediately, but not later than within 14 days after order.

3.3.Pictures of the item are illustrative and may differ from the actual item. The description of items, listed on online store is not necessarily exhaustive and may contain unintended inaccuracy.

3.4.Items, offered by online store are sold to individuals as well as legal entities

3.5.Service User confirms that one has reached the age of 15.

3.6.Service User choses desired items and is obligated to provide the necessary information for correct order fulfillment (name, family name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code) and pays for items through online bank via bank link, based on advance payment invoice or fills out the purchase on installments request

3.7.All pictures are illustrative. Only the variety and model are described strictly.

3.8.The description of the item may be absent or contain inaccurate information. In this case, see the full description on the producers web site.

3.9.While ordering, the Service User is obligated to provide the correct information, that is necessary to fulfill the order. The Service Provider is not responsible for non-fulfillment of the order if it is caused by incorrect data, provided by the User or any consequences of that


  1.   Entering into Agreement and making order

4.1.The order is confirmed when the Customer receives automatic confirmation letter from the Service Provider on one’s e-mail

4.2.Once the order is confirmed, the Customer is obligated to pay fully via bank transfer or in cash upon receipt. If the Customer chooses the upon receipt payment option, than one is obligated to come to pick the item within 1 week after receiving the order readiness notification and pay the item. Or inform the associate of the online store about the possible delay. Otherwise the Agreement will be terminated.

4.3.The Agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider is considered to be concluded after all terms and conditions of paragraph 4.1. and 4.2. are fully fulfilled. In case if one of the requirements of paragraph 4.1. or 4.2. is not met, the Agreement is considered terminated.

4.4.The Service Provider begins the process of order fulfillment only after the Agreement between The Provider and The Customer is concluded.

4.5.Invoice, provided to The Customer is the document, based on which the payment will be made.

4.6.In case if the item was not sent to the Customer yet and the Customer wants to change the delivery method, the Customer is obligated to pay extra if the changed category requires so. If the item was already sent to the Customer, it is impossible to change the delivery method

4.7.In case if the item price obviously does not comply to the market price due to the technical malfunction, the Customer is obligated to contact the Service Provider to specify the price.


  1.   PRICES

5.1. All the prices of the online store are indicated in Euro and include sales tax

5.2.Service Provided has the right to change the prices, indicated on online store at any time. If the price of an item was changed after the User made an order and payed for it, the Service Provider is obligated to deliver the corresponding item for the price, that was actual at the moment of order. The Customer has no right to demand reimbursement of the price difference.

5.3 Product prices and availability could change without any notification. In this case, Frogest OÜ reserves the right to refuse the sale and return the money to the customer to his current bank account shortly.

5.4 Frogest OU also reserves the right to refuse of sale if any of the following has occurred with the product: a human mistake occurred when entering the price or there was a technical failure in the system. For example, if a TV with a price of 800 euros is put up for sale in an e-shop for 300 euros, then this is an obvious mistake. In such cases, we expect customers to clearly understand that an error has occurred and that the product will not be sold such a low price.


6.1.Delivery term is indicated on each specific item. Every item has its delivery terms, but not more than 30 days.

6.2.The Service User has the right to choose one of three different delivery methods. The choice has to be made at the moment of order.

6.3.Items are delivered to the Service User within Estonian Republic.

6.4.If the Service User chooses courier delivery as the delivery method, than the item is delivered by the courier within 3-12 workdays.

6.5.Provider’s workdays are Monday-Friday 10 a.m - 5 p.m.

6.6.If the order was confirmed after 12 p.m. of the workday, than the countdown of all the following process starts from the following workday.

6.7.Countdown of the delivery term begins after all conditions of the paragraph 4.3. of the Model terms are fulfilled (order confirmation and payment)

6.8.If the Customer wants to purchase an item by installments, than the countdown of the delivery term begins after the positive confirmation from the company that offers purchasing of the item by installments.

6.9.Handover of ordered items is made after issuing by the Customer the corresponding ID document, that was indicated in order. Handover of the item to the third party is only possible by agreement with the Customer.

6.10.             The Service Provider is not responsible for possible delay of the item delivery because of the courier (force-majeure)

6.11.             If the Customer picks the item from the storage, than the Customer has to check it in place. If the item does not correspond to the terms of the agreement, the Customer has the right to ask for the item replacement or refuse to accept the item.

6.12.             If item’s delivery term is not specified, the Customer has the right to specify the delivery term. If employees don’t know delivery term, it is possible that the item may not arrive. If the item doesn’t arrive, the Service Provider is obligated to return money to the Customer within 30 days in full.



7.1.If the Customer wants to cancel the agreement after making order and before the Supplier fulfills the agreement, the Service User is obligated to inform the Service Provider, if possible in written. Written notification should be sent at e-mail address. The order number and settlement account, accompanied with Customers info (name, second name, date of order, contact telephone number) should be indicated in e-mail letter.

7.2.If the Service Provider receives the declaration of agreement withdrawal after the order is fulfilled by the Service Provider, than cancellation of the agreement enters into force according to the paragraph “Right for withdrawal”

7.3.The Service Provider returns the money paid without delay, but not later than 30 days after receiving the declaration of agreement withdrawal.

7.4.The money is transferred to the same account it came from.

7.5 Legal entities cannot withdraw from the contract unilaterally.


8.1.The Customer can withdraw the agreement with the Service Provider within 14 days without explanation.

8.2.For agreement withdrawal the Customer must fill out the agreement withdrawal form, which can be found at The form must be sent by the Customer to the Service Provider’s e-mail

8.3.The returned item must not have any blemishes, be fully staffed, packed in the original box and be unused..

8.4.A right for return does not apply to audio- and video- records and computer software unpacked. It also does not apply to perishable goods and items that can not be resold due to its characteristic features. Also it doesn’t apply to items, produced taking into account personal needs.

8.5.In order to return the item, a notification of return must be sent to e-mail address

8.6.While withdrawing the agreement the Customer must return the purchased item immediately, but not later than within 14 days after the notification of agreement withdrawal.

8.7.If the Customer wants to withdraw the agreement or in other caves of item return to the Service Provider, the Provider has the right to use the third party assistance to evaluate the returned item and charge this services to the Customer in case if the item doesn’t comply to the conditions, stated in the agreement because of the reasons, not connected to the Providers fault (reloading, ill-treatment)

8.8.In case of money return the money is returned back to Customer immediately, but not later than within 30 days after receiving of the agreement withdrawal notification.

8.9.The countdown of money return starts after issuing the agreement withdrawal declaration.

8.10.             The money is returned to the same account the Service Provider received it from.

8.11.             The Customer is obligated to pay all the expenses, related to item return.

8.12.             The right for the item return within 14 days applies to a natural person only.

8.13  In case of quality decrease of returned product, customer is responsible for the reduction in value caused by usage. If the product was used by customer in any other way than its intended purpose, properties and functionality. In order to verify the nature of the product, its properties and functionality,  customer must use the product only in the manner normally permitted in the store.


9.1.The Customer consciously gives consent to the Service Provider to use one’s personal data.

9.2.The Customer’s personal data, indicated by User while making order, or provided during registration is added to Customers database and is used to provide selling services and offering Customer items.

9.3.The source of the personal data is the customer relationship, occurred due to the item order or while registering in online store.

9.4.Registered personal data includes data concerning the Customer’s order – personal code, second name, name, phone number, street name, building number, apartment number, city, postal code, address, year of birth, sex, delivery method, payment method, consent to the Model terms of the online store, consent to receiving sales offers, endnotes, sent via e-mail in written

9.5.Customers Personal data, necessary for the item delivery are transferred to the Courier Service company

9.6.Protection of personal data is provided by all the legal safety measures

9.7.The Service Provider is obligated not to transfer registered personal data to outsiders

9.8.The Service Provider reserves the right to transfer the Customer’s personal data to the parties, that have legal right and process the data to fulfill its legal commitments, and to the parties, that have all the legal rights for that and that is implemented to protect life, health or freedom of the Customer or others.

9.9.The Customer has the right to check the related personal data, and change it or delete it from the database.

9.10.             The Customer gives the Service Provider consent to receive order confirmation to the e-mail address, indicated in order.

9.11.             The Service Provider has the right to transfer Customer’s data to companies, that offer instalment purchase programmes



10.1.             The Service Provider is responsible for pricing. The Service Provider is not responsible for the damage, caused by defective items, such as property or information damage, profit or trade loss.

10.2.             The customer undertakes to use the online store service exclusively according to the law and good traditions

10.3.             The Customer is personally responsible for all the expenses, related to purchase and proper maintaining of the data interchange software of the used equipment, as well as using other services of the online store

10.4.             The Customer is fully responsible for the damage, caused to the Service Provider, other Customers or third parties by using the online store in the manner, that contradicts online store user agreement, law or good traditions



11.1.             Disputes between the Customer and The Service Provider, arising from the online store user agreement are settled in accordance to Estonian Republic legal acts. Failing an agreement, the Customer may apply to Commission on consumer disputes. One can learn about it or file an application here Commission on consumer disputes settles disputes between seller and buyer. Filing the Committee on consumer disputes is free of charge for the buyer. The buyer can also file Euroopa Liidu tarbijavaidlusi on this link



12.1.             Introduction to the Model terms and conditions is compulsory for the Customer.

12.2.             By putting the tick at “I Agree to  the online store user agreement” button, The Customer states that he/ she is aware of the model terms conditions, understands it and agrees to it.



13.1.             Guarantee is provided by authorized Service Center of each specific brand. The list of brand service centers is specified on

13.2.             On guarantees the Customer can address to Service Provider office or directly to authorized representation

13.3.             For details related to the warranty issues address

13.4.             Aside rights, arising from these Model Terms, the Customer also has right to use other rights, arising from legal acts.

13.5.             The Customer (Consumer) has the right to claim the Provider on issues related to item purchase within 1 years. Claim must be sent to e-mail address

13.6.             The Customer will receive the answer to his/ her claim within 5 workdays.

13.7.             The claim should be drawn up in a free form. The issue must be described precisely. Also, a purchase proof document must be applied.

13.8.             If The Service Provider suspects that the claimed item has flaws or inconsistency to the terms of the agreement because of the Customer, the Service Provider has the right to order an independent examination. In case the examination shows it was the Customers fault, than the Customer is obligated to cover all the expenses related to the independent examination. The Customer has the right to argue the results of the examination.

13.9.             For more details on filing the claim address: