Frog Cut&Pay

Frog.ee offers its consumers service Frog Cut&Pay with cooperation partner Placet Group OÜ.

Frog Cut&Pay is an opportunity to pay for purchased goods and services by installment payment. In case of installment payment, the customer does not need to pay the purchase amount immediately, but can spread the payments over a longer period. The customer can purchase furniture, consumer goods, household appliances, ets  with the help of the installment payment. Placet Group OÜ pays on behalf of the customer, and the customer pays for the goods or services by installment payments during longer time period.

If the customer is convinced that he needs an installment payment to pay for the goods or service: he must submit an application for installment payment on the website of frog.ee and also all the additional information that the frog.ee or Placet Group OÜ request from him.  In order to request the installment payment, it is necessary to submit the client’s identity document in addition to the application. If the customer’s data is correct and sufficient, the customet can enter into the installment agreement upon receiving a positive answer.  Placet Group OÜ prepares a payment schedule with the amount of intallments and interest.  Then Placet Group OÜ sends the customer a monthly installment invoice in accordance with the installment agreement.

The installment request is submitted in Placet Group OÜ system, where the customer is directed from the sales websitefrog.ee goods/services. Placet Group OÜ is fully responsible for identifying the identity of the client, evaluating his creditworthiness, offering the installment amount, concluding and signing the agreement.

The customer’s data transfer through from frog.ee to Placet Group OÜ system is done in a secured form. The processing of all customers data complies with the requirements of the GDPR.