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    AEG RX9-1-SGM Robot vacuum cleaner



    The most modern robot hoover in a long time!

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    The new robot vacuum AEG RX9-1-SGM convinces with the most modern technology. It is comfortably controlled via app over your smartphone or tablet - from wherever you are! Reliably, it removes dirt and dust from hard floors and carpets. The RX9 is the first robot hoover that overcomes doorsteps and carpets with a height of 2.2 cm. New technologies make the robot hoover the perfect partner in vacuum cleaning!


    Modern Technology for Clean Floors at the Push of a Button 

    Ideal for Hard Floors and Carpets

    The AEG RX9-1-SGM is the perfect robot hoover for hard floors and carpets. Reliably it removes dirt, dust and other debris. Additionally, the robot adjusts the revolutions of its brush to the given floor covering. That means it can adjust individually to your floors. 

    Square Design for Clean Edges

    The robot hoover from AEG is equipped with a triangular TrinityShapeTM construction. Furthermore, there is mounted a long side brush on one side. Those specialities guarantee that the robot offers an 80% more effective edge cleaning than competitors.   

    Overcomes Doorsteps with 2.2 cm

    The AEG RX9-1-SGM offers the so-called ClimForceDriveTM Technology. That means, it overcomes doorsteps and carpets with up to 2.2 cm. Therefore, it independently goes from one room to another. 

    Extra Broad Floor Brush

    The floor brush of AEG RX9 is especially broad. It is a combined brush with fins and bristles. Thus, not only hard floors but also carpets are cleaned thoroughly. 

    Smart & Efficient Floor Cleaning 

    App for Smartphone

    The robot vacuum can comfortably be controlled via Smartphone or Tablet. The RX9-App is available free of charge in App Store and Play Store. Through the App you can get at the robot anytime and anywhere. You can set a schedule, start, stop or view important information about the robot.

    With Camera & Laser Technology

    Due to a camera and a laser the AEG RX9-1-SGM scans the whole room. It recognizes obstacles and remembers their location. The cleaning of your floors is done methodically. Due to the combination of a camera and a laser the robot hoover is able to individually adjust to your home.

    The Lesson is Clear

    The AEG RX9-1-SGM is perfect for:

    • Hard floors and carpets
    • Floors with up to 60 m2
    • Households with high doorsteps (up to 2.2 cm)
    • Households with lots of obstacles
    • Everyone, wishing for an app controlled robot

    This robot hoover is less suitable for you if:

    • Your household is bigger than 60 m2 and cannot be separated
    • There is no need of an app control
    • You are not in need of scheduling

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    AEG RX9-1-SGM Robot vacuum cleaner

    AEG RX9-1-SGM Robot vacuum cleaner

    The most modern robot hoover in a long time!

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